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Armada JJ or 4frnt CRJ?

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I bet this question gets asked a few times this fall.  I'm looking to replace my katana's with one of the new rocker/traditional camber and sidecut skis and have narrowed my search to the JJ and CRJ.  These will be for storm and deep days; daily skis in the quiver are the gotama and 4frnt MSP.  What I am really looking for (and IMO its not discussed enough) is the powder ski for real life, in bounds resort skiers.  My home mountain is Squaw (duh!), and on a powder day there will be much broken and cut up powder as well as bumps forming on the popular runs (KT and Headwall).  Also, on storm days the visibility might/will be limited so my powder skiing will be lots of "shortish" turns at moderate speed.  If the sun breaks then great, send it a bit, but for the most part I expect to make lots of turns in the powder.  Hence these two skis which have made the cut.  I was also looking at the S7 and the Bent Chetler, but two people I ski with with told me no on the S7 and I'm wondering about the 183 only length on the Bent.  I'm 6'1" and 210 and my quiver ranges from 187 to 190 so it seems to me I'm going backward with a 183 powder ski.  None of these are going to be around to demo and I wouldn't be surprised if they sell out early so its going to be a leap of faith. So any input would be greatly appreciated.  And I am old school and never in the park.
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 Why no on the s7? I just ordered a pair of these for very similar riding to what you describe at Kirkwood:

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Don't mean to knock the S7; its obviously a great ski.  Someone I ski with a lot and trust had the opportunity to ski both the JJ and the S7 at last season's trade demo week at Mammoth (unfortunately for me he did not get to try the CRJ).  When we used to test skis together we always ended up liking the same skis and he much prefered the JJ.  I was told I would find it soft for my size and preference.  But again, don't mean to knock it; he's just making an educated guess at a personal preference. 
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Understood, there is a 195 coming this year though............ 

I know someone that rides the S7 and recently refereed to it as "the perfect tahoe ski"

Just saying!
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Thanks PP: I appreciate the input.  I expect to see many S7's out there this year
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