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Just wanted to spread the word that Sierra Trading Post is clearing out 06/07 Atomic Slim Daddy skis in 167-175-183 for $200. They are listed as 118/76/104mm with an 18m turn radius (assume for the 175, based on the listing). Sounds like they are foam skis (Densolite core) and, as far as I can tell, the shipping would only be $15.
I have no experience with these skis, wonder if anybody on here knows anything about them. Just seemed like they might be a good buy for a new skier, although they are sold flat and would need bindings. Guess they are getting a bit long in the tooth, 3 seasons old now.

EDIT - a little poking around has me wondering if this is really a good price for skis that old and without bindings. Anyway, FWIW...maybe somebody liked that ski and would find the price attractive.
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