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More knowledgeable people please help..

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I am looking for a pair of skis for my fiance on a budget.  She is 4'10'', 105 lbs, and a wonderful, black diamond TRAIL skier.  She does not  like trees, powder or any of that.  I found a pair of Atomic GS:9 Beta Race's, 140cm, w/ bindings din up to 7.5.  I'm pretty decided on these as "I" think they would be perfect.  She grew up going to the Vail ski school and is at level 7 of 9.


But, would these be better if I found them in the right size?


please, more knowledgable people help me.  And please don't buy these from under me.  They are the best for the money i've found.
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 Volkl Sol? I have some posted in the deals section. 
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Can you post a link?  i'm having trouble finding this deals section.  not sure if it's in forums or gear...  (new to the site)
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 There is a forum where sponsors of EpicSki post deals for members.
Hope this helps.

Welcome to EpicSki!
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JMHO, but....

I wouldn't get either of those Atomics for her. 140 is too short for an advanced/expert carver and they're both fairly old technology. there are far better skis out there that would suit her better.

Definitely consider a women's specific ski for someone of her size and weight - they're lighter and softer so will be better for her small stature. If possible, wait until the season starts and take her out for a demo day, find out what she falls in love with, then search for a pair that fits your budget.
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At your size you could look at jr gs skis. For most jr race skis the wt. limit is about 120lbs.. Don't pick to low of a level binding, it is way more then just the din #. Ski size is from the bridge of the nose to the top of your head. GO LONG FOR SPEED
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An interesting thought.  Plus, you can proabaly get a new junior ski (perhaps from a previous year) for the price of adult used.  (But jr race, please -- non-race are probably beginners skis). I don't know, but suspect your fiance is on the low end of the design height and weight even for women-specific models.
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thanks guys but i went out and got her brand new '07-08 atomic gs12's, 137 (because she loves moguls) with good atomic bindings, also new, and a pair new of N60 nordica boots all for $320.  I think she'll be happy.  oh, and just because she's very good doesn't mean she will not be happy with 137's.  she's pretty docile.  in case anyone wants to know, i got these from alpine base and edge in boulder, co.  they were very helpful and even stayed 45 mins after closing just to make sure we were happy.
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Great jr salom race ski
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Originally Posted by backroom View Post


Great jr salom race ski

Ummmm..............Actually it's a GS ski.

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