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jeep wrangler ski rack

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I'm thinking about getting a spare tire mounted ski rack for my 2002 Wrangler.  Has anyone used one of these?  And if whats the fattest ski they can hold?  The pictures only sho old school skis in the rack and dosn't look like the metal bar accross the top has alot of room.

Here's a link to what i'm talking about. 
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I had one of those years ago for my '88 YJ...  It actually worked pretty good for me -- but skis were much skinnier in the late '80s and early '90s when I was using that rack!

I would definitley check in person or get a measurement to see how much clearance there is.  Maybe they've worked in some more clearance to that design over the years since skis have gotten wider.

Back when I used the rack my trouble was always clearance between the bindings on each pair of skis.  Riser plates were pretty tall back in the '90s and sometimes it was tough getting four pair of skis (with riser plates) in there.

The other thing is the skis get really dirty riding back there (more so than on the roof), so having them in bags is a must.

I hope that helps.

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I've got a similar model but different brand on a Wrangler.  I've used it with my Atuas (96) but it was a tight fit.  Mine also only holds three pair instead of four as the bindings interfere. It's still ok, I bought it cheap off Craigs List.
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I had one on my Wrangler a while back.  Agree with Zudnick - the skis and the rack (even without the skis) get very dirty in a hurry back there.  Also not easily installed/removed.
Also - watch out about inadvertently driving into a garage with them sticking up.   I never did that, but it would be very easy to do with your mind on something else.
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I know this is a little late, but, I have a Mopar ski rack for my 2000 Wrangler TJ, hold 2 pairs nicely the rubber straps are in good condition and hold the ski firmly in place. Wouldn't have my jeep if i didnt have this puppy in the winter

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