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Atomic 2010

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Anyone skied the 2010 Atomic Nomad Blackeye Ti or Crimson Ti?  I'd like to know your experiences with either.
I am considering buying one of the two pairs, only thing keeping me back is weight/power concerns. I am around 125lbs and a quickly advancing level 6. I will need a ski to grow into, both size and skill wise. 
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Actually according to this scale: http://www.psia-e.org/ed/ im a strong level 8 or level 9. But we all know how varied these scales can be. 
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These are hard to find - I was just trying to find pictures -


I was curious because I'm wondering if they will be rated for up to 170 lbs skiers.
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@ FunSki:

Those all look like 2007-2009 models. 2010 is a slightly different design. Look on eBay, last year they were going for cheap. 
These are the new ones: http://www.onthesnow.com/ots/images/guides/2010_ski_buyers_guide/Atomic_nomad-blackeye-ti_lg.jpg

Speaking of the differences between last models and the 2010 ones, anyone know of them? Beside the graphics, which are awesome this year. 
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Oh, got it.  I like the 2010 graphics better for sure.
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Same skis as previous season. Just a cosmetic difference.

I used the Crimson Ti often last year. Blackeye just a narrower version
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I wonder when they will be totally redoing the nomad platform, or getting rid of it rather. Anyone know of the normal Atmoic ski life cycle? 
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FWIW, the Blackeye Ti got a great review this year from Realskiers.
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Originally Posted by mthigh View Post

I am around 125lbs and a quickly advancing level 6. I will need a ski to grow into, both size and skill wise. 


Have you considered the Volkl AC-20?
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 Yes, I have considered the AC20 to be too narrow for my use. AC30 is closer to my target of a 60/40 - 50/50 ski. I dont have any experience with "AC" volkls. I doubt the AC's are anything like them but I did enjoy the 12ft Tigershark power switch last season when I demoed it, but  those too were geared a lot more for the front side and towards a heavier person with more power. 

I also liked the Head Monster 78 last year when I demoed them but the 2010 model is not looking as good. But the 2009 models are still an option, a very cheap option at that.
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