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What do you all think of the Elan Mag 70? Keep in mind they're for a low intermediate skier looking to improve rapidly. Phil at Ski Stop in Westwood, if you know it, thought highly of them. He said he has skied them and they ski basically the same as the Mag 74 which is further up elan's mag line.
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Didn't even know that they made a Mag 70. But I've owned 5 different pairs of Magfires, ranging from a 75mm to 82mm waist, and I can honestly say that I've never met a Magfire that I didn't like. Probably one of the more consistently high performing series of all terrain ski designs over the last five years, IMO.
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Thanks Mac. Being relatively new to the sport, it's reassuring to know that Elan makes a good product.
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Just don't sell yourself short by buying a pair of entry level skis that you are going to out grow rather quickly, unless you look forward to buying a new pair every season. I can't find any info on a Mag 70, so I can't help you there. Are you possibly getting the Mag 70 mixed up with the Speedwave with the 70mm waist? But there are some real deals to be had on last years leftover stuff in the Mag 10ti, Mag 78, or even the Mag 78ti, which is a pretty easy going ski for the performance that you get.
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I have the magfire 8s and love them. I am a good skier but not expert. I do hit the blacks but mostly stick to blues and trees and these skis handle great. I got them from Scott on this list. His screen name is dawgcatching and he owns a shop on the left coast. Search for his last post because I saw a couple of days ago that he was having a huge sale. Have fun with your new Elans!
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I don't believe I am mixing them up, the mag 70's are on Elan's website. And yeah I've heard good things about the mag 8. Phil at ski stop actually compared the mag 8 to the mag 74 (i guess they are pretty much the same just the 74's are this year's model) and then the 74's to the 70's so, if-so-facto, the mag 70 should be comparable to your mag 8's.
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