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ESA learning forum access...

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It has come to my attention that some ESA attendees have not been able to access the ESA Learning forum.
It appears that I made a few fumbles last year when I was getting acquainted with the new system.
I think I've sorted it out, but if you have attended ESA in the past few years and can not access the ESA learning forum via this link http://www.epicski.com/forum/list/71 Please let us know and we'll do the right tweak.

Thanks for your understanding. 
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Tricia, on a similar note, the video from Big Sky is only in the learning forum.  If you posted it in the ESA forum where it is accessable by all, it might provide an impetus for folk on the fence to sign up for an ESA event.

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 While I understand the thought process of posting in the public, we will likely do some of the video into a promotional video for the community but the video posted in the learning area is more of a compilation of the weekend and can possibly be used for further instruction and MA banter with the ESA attendees and coaches.
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