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Krypton Rampage

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I am a size 11-13 shoe size, with a normal sized foot. I am looking at the Dalbello Krypton Rampage, and Tecnica Agent 80, both in a 29.5 mondo. Do you know whether these will fit me, or I will need a bigger boot. These boots will be used for mainly park, and some all-mountain slaying. Thanks.
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hate to sound like a bore, but the only way to do this properly is to go and see a trained fitter, they will help you select a boot of suitabe size, shape and flex for your feet and body weight, they will recomend a suitable footbed, and do modifiactions to make the boot fit any lumps and bumps on your feet..... both the boots you have mentioned are completely different in terms of shape and dependant on how you measure the 29.5 may even be too big
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buy the red ones,   they are the fastest.

or what CEM said......
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