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Need help with Tahoe trip

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We are planning a trip to Reno at the end of December. Should we bring our own ski, or somebody can recommend a good rent shop?  I would appreciate a useful tip for first timers . Thanks in advance.
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welcome to epicski.  how old is your ski equipment?  what resort are you going to stay at?  how many days skiing are you going to do?  usually it is good to rent equipment close to the area you are going to ski at so that you can exchange it if something isn't right.  also, if you really like your boots bring those with you to ensure happy feet.
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Most resorts rent skis.  I would second the notion of your boots if you like your boots.  There are also a few shops in Reno, if that's where you are staying, that rent skis.  Bobo's and Reno Mountain Sports both rent skis, although Bobo's probably has a wider variety.  RMS tends to sell higher end skis and touring gear, so I'm not sure about their rentals.

Depending on your ability level, if you are staying in Reno I would probably recommend Mt. Rose or Northstar for beginner/intermediate.  Alpine is also a good option.  Northstar is consistently "easiest" to get to that time of year.  Rose is closest, but Mt. Rose highway can be daunting in the snow for people not used to driving in the mountains.

Do you plan on staying in Reno?  Would you like resort rec's?
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I've started to rent ski's every year now, while bringing my own boots.

Most airlines are now charging around $50 each way for ski bags. Weigh that against the cost of renting. Plus you usually get this years models when you rent, plus the convienence of not schlepping a ski bag around the airport. Just my $.02. 

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I'm 48 , 6' 1", 220 lbs. 5 years on ski(20-25 days per year). I like speed and ice( Ontario, Quebec, Vermont) I have Salomon Impact 10 boots, Atomic ST 11 - 170cm, dynastar ST 10-165 cm, Atomic Metron 9 -178cm. Looking for Volkl AC 50 - 177, or Atomic Nomad Grimson -177, or Nordica hot rod afterburner-178. Got arthroscopic surgery for both knees last June. Need something not heavy. I think it's better if I use my own boots?!
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As per Splitter's recommendations Bobos and RMS are good options for renting if you are staying in reno.  If you are staying up at the lake there are a huge range of options both on the North and South shores.  On the North Shore I would suggest  Village Ski Loft in Incline which should have some good options.   Mount Rose is a great option from Reno and has a more local laid back feel than some of the larger resorts.  It is a ski area, not a resort!   Northstar can be a PITA because of the parking and shuttle but has a nice village. Obviously Squaw, Alpine etc are all great options as well.  

However, don't go looking for too much ice, we prefer to leave that to the east coasters (and having spent 3 years in Maine I know it well!)   As a result of that renting would make much more sense, the type of ski you want out here is likely to be a little different from what you want at home.  Enjoy and let me know if you need more info
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Thanks to all of you. offers a good deal: flight(Toronto/Reno)+ Hotel Circus(Dec 27- Jan 2)+Car rent= $2200 for Two. BTW what is the weather like usually at this time of the year?
Maybe, you can recommend something else? Is this a good deal or it just seems to me?
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No idea what kind of deal that is.  It's one of the busier times, due to the holidays.  But I'm not sure what airfare alone would cost.

If you're not into gambling and want something closer to the slopes, I'd look at Granlibakken.

As for the weather, that's about as variable a time as you could be here.  Last winter, it dumped like crazy leading up to Christmas, and 12/26 was the best day of the year.  A few years ago, it poured rain and mudslides closed Interstate 80.  It's a little early to be guaranteed decent snowpack, unfortunately.  If I had to guess, I'd expect highs in the 15-28 degree range.
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Heads up:  The Resort at Squaw Creek is offering 20% off for holiday bookings before Halloween with promo code XSEPRSC.
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