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I am having problems making my Garmont Radium boots fit well. I have very low volume feet. With the original liners, and all buckles cranked down all the way, the boots are still way too loose around my feet. I use custom insoles inside the liners. I have tried inserting insoles inside the plastic shell to take up volume, but this is not really a good solution. I need thick insoles, and then my toes become squashed.

I am considering the Zipfit liners. There are no local dealers, so either I would have to travel abroad, or buy online. I have no immediate travel plans, so online is the realistic choice. Can these safely be bought online, or do I really need to try them on inside the shells?

Assuming it is reasonably safe to buy online I have some questions:

I am unsure which model to get. I ski 50% resort 50% touring, so the touring model looks interesting. Based on the petite feet, it seems the Classic model would be the best choice, but I am worried it may not be suitable for touring. The Touring model should be best for that, I suppose. Does it have the same volume as the Classic model? This is not clear in the description.

Another issue is the size. My shells are 25.5, and my feet measure 25.5, thus 25.5 seems the right choice. Only question is, are they true to the Mondopoint standard? Can I simply measure the length of my foot (without socks?) and buy liner based on that?