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Rockered Skis Length?

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 I'm going to be purchasing the 2010 Gotama & Kuro & I am not sure on what length? Does a rockered ski ski shorter? Should I jump up to the next length? This would mean jumping into the 194cm & 195cm, which seems like alot of ski? Any thoughts?
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How tall/heavy are you?  I would assume you ski out west, right?

I'd be curious to hear what others think about this.  I skied the '10 Gotama in 178cm and I thought that it skied shorter than the 176cm '09 Goat.  But it felt just as stable.  I felt like I could get away with skiing the either the 178 or the 186.  The maneuverability of the rockered 186 would let me size up if I wanted.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt. I didn't ski them in deep pow, so I don't know how the different lengths do in the deep stuff.  And I tend to like to ski shorter lengths...
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I have the Kuros and they do ski MUCH shorter. Go with a longer length unless you plan to spend a lot of time in super tight trees.......and yes they WILL put a HUGE smile on your face in 5" or more of new pow. They ski the pow like a dream!

.........In less than 5" of new stuff use a different ski.

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Here is what the inventor of rockered skis had to say on the length matter

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Originally Posted by Wazza View Post

 Does a rockered ski ski shorter?

Yes. Go long.
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My 192 twins have less running surface than my 183s.  I can't imagine how much shorter a rocker would ski on piste.
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