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Cheap Lodging Jan 3rd-9th

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Hey everyone!  First post!
As an introduction, I'm 18, in college, and an avid free-riding boarder.  This winter, I plan on taking a big ski vacation out west - departing from DC.  As a college student, ultimate priority is money.  I want quality too, but in reference to value.  It seems for this early in the season, I'm looking at Snowbird, Steamboat (maybe), Jackson Hole, or one of the Montana resorts.  However, the only budget friendly trip is Snowbird - a $250 RT flight, Super 8's amazing packages, bringing skiing, eating, and sleeping for a grand total of roughly $850 per person for the week.  Can anywhere else provide something in the $1000 range with good early season?  

My other option is through a collegiate ski club, 5 days in Quebec, Canada for $600 with a passport.  Any local resorts.

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You know where you want to go, so do it!  Utah is your best option for snow early season.  Snow Bird may not have some the gnarly stuff open, but Snow Bird, Alta, Solitude and Brighton are all pretty good early season so you have variety if things aren't 100% open.  Going to Quebec would be false ecnomy.
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It's pretty hard to beat SLC for cheap!   You might check out some of the DC area ski clubs for trips.   Any Mountain Tours used to run a bunch of trips out of DC, but I think they got bought up?
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sounds like Utah it is.
Thanks for the replies!
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Agree that if flying from DC Utah is probably best cost option, but how low do you want to go?

Is this a solo trip or group? If there's three or more you can save bucks by piling in a car and driving. You're young and can handle the roadtime, but may need more than six days total. Wouldn't want to drive all that way for less than 5 days of skiing. The winter driving can get hairy, but you gain flexibility if there is a reason (fresh powder) to change destinations or extend visit. The money you save by eliminating multiple air fares will pay for gas and all motels for nearly entire trip. If you eliminate air fares and eat ramen noodles for dinner, then lift tickets and lodging become primary expenses.  Loveland Ski Area sells four packs of lift tickets that are very affordable.  You can probably get this down to $500 each for a week of skiing, including ground transportation around ski areas.  Did you factor in car rental in Utah scenario?  Colorado would be closest western ski destination for driving from DC:


Here's a thread on ultra cheap lodging suggestions:
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we looked into that - but being under 25 we cant rent a car yet, and if we took our own the necessities of new tires, oil changes, and gas would almost equal some airfare + time.  but the hostels are a new, cheap aspect ill have to look into.
and were gunna have a small group - probably around 4 people
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hmm jackson hole is tempting at the hostel
$500 per person for a week with skiing
whats the cheapest way to get there?  without driving?
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I'm pretty sure flying to SLC and using public trans to get to Super 8 or similar and ski areas like Alta is gonna be lowest cost, but worth pricing out airfare to places like Jackson, WY and Hayden, CO.  Once in Jackson you can also get by without car by bussing from airport to town of Jackson (cheap lodging) and from town to Jackson Hole ski area.  Also, price airfare to Hayden, CO airport.  That's a short bus ride to town of Steamboat Springs (moderate lodging), which is short bus ride to Steamboat ski area.  Reno might be another low cost option, but not sure how their hotels view 18 yr olds because of onsite gambling.
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looks like SLC or JH its gunna be.  Steamboat, while attractive, will cost about $200 a day for skiing and lodging within a few minutes of the resort
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