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Yes I am skiing. 6 months after my surgery I skied 60 days and then another 57 this year so far. No issues, problems or pain. I am skiing as fast and as hard as I did when I was a kid. All good with the new hip replacement. The trick was riding a bike almost every day for a year.

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That's good! 


I'm nine weeks post op today.   Still have a slight limp, but I ride MTB's everyday and swim 5-6 days a week without any noticeable impediments.

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I'm not a skier but I'm freaking out about my hip replacement surgery. I have never had a surgical intervention. So, I'm afraid on many different levels.


My doctor is using the anterior approach which does not cut into muscle; just separates the two muscles in the front of the thigh to access the femur. I researched the operation on youtube and was impressed with the video. You can see the operation and the recovery time on this incredible video at


There is a warning that the video is graphic but to tell you the truth, it was informative and reassuring. Nonetheless, I'm still nervous and thought several times about cancelling the surgery. Unlike many others, I don't have much pain walking but I can't walk up stairs, squat, or get out of a chair without support. My movement is limited. 


It's comforting to hear all the positive comments on this blog.



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Do any of you have recommendations for Colorado orthopedic surgeons?  I have to have a hip replacement this fall and would like to have someone do the surgery who specializes in hips and does a couple hundred a  year.

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Hi Susan. I had my hip replaced 3 years ago using the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Procedure. I have been very happy with the results and recovery. I recommend you look into this option (BHR) to see if you qualify as an alternative to the usual Total Hip Replacement. My surgeon was Dr. James Rector - Boulder Orthopedics - (303) 449-2730    He also offers the standard Hip Replacement if you are not a good candidate for the BHR. He has preformed over 500 BHR surgeries since 2006, the year the surgery was first certified. Good luck with your recovery. Most patients wish they had the surgery earlier, instead of putting it off and enduring the hip pain. JMD.

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Originally Posted by Susan View Post

Do any of you have recommendations for Colorado orthopedic surgeons?  I have to have a hip replacement this fall and would like to have someone do the surgery who specializes in hips and does a couple hundred a  year.


I've had two friends use Dr. Greenow at Peak Orthopedics.

You could consider Dr. Rector in Boulder, if Hip Resurfacing is an option, he's suppose to be good. 


I sent my film and filled out a long questionnaire at Steadman Clinic.  All I ever got back was " your not a candidate", which I took to mean, your not famous enough.

Not exactly the professionalism I expected from such a highly regarded practice.


I'm seven months post op today and I can do pretty much anything, though I'm a little more conservative than I used to be.


Good luck!

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Hi Susan

Just saw the post recommending resurfacing.  I am an advanced skier, female and needing a right side THR.  Just thought I'd note that the resurfacing "Birmingham" procedure is not very successful in women.  It has been highly successful for men.  There is a size/stature concern that has become apparent for females, making more and more surgeon not recommend resurfacing for female patients. Please ensure you ask about the concerns if you are pursuing this option.  These include much higher rates of dislocation and fracture in women.


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Argh, sorry. My Ipad did the mystery send!
So rare to find other women with Hip Replacements so I'm wondering if you got yours donw and how it all went?
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OK, It's been 5 years since my total hip replacement.  Today I am still skiing as fast and as hard as pre surgery. Tieing my shoe is better but not great. I am currently stretching more than ever but that may have more to do with my age than my hip. haha. All good though and for anyone needing a new hip I highly recommend it. If and when I have to do the other hip I will begin the rehab a little bit sooner. I think that will limit the scar tissue from building up.

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Hey Ski81, that's awesome and inspiring news!

I'm 1.5 years post op now and am only finally getting days where I don't notice/think about my hip. Other days I notice. Hopefully I'll get to the 100% not notice days eventually.

As for skiing, I'm very strong on the Blues but not back up to par in the Trees or on the Blacks. Also, I'm with Shredhead- I'm definitely more conservative then I was. As I get stronger, more experienced again and have less days that I notice my hip then maybe that will change but I'm just not as willing to ski some of the stuff I did ski before or maybe, more accurately, to ski it in lesser ideal conditions. For example, we're getting great snow here in BC but there's been alot of lesser visibility/low light days too and I find I definitely hold back more on those days.

Clearly I must not appear to be a total wuss as I do get friends saying things like "so that's what it's like to ski on a fake hip hmmm... maybe I should get one?". It's more that I sometimes second guess things now whereas before I just tried to ski it. I do think about what shattered ceramic pieces might feel like or how I'm not too keen to go back through that surgery again in the next 10 years due to loosening. Now, having said all that I think there's probably lots of people who think I'm (we're) all fooling ourselves anyway and that even my (our) toned down level of activity is pushing the envelope. I think that, for me, it's been about making that decision on when I am pushing the envelope versus totally reducing my enjoyment and then hoping I did the right balance but I won't maybe know for sure until I either get real old or need an upgrade.

So glad to hear that we're out there doing what we enjoy.

Love to hear from the ladies more???
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I am six years post op and am still at it
Skiing and biking are pretty good with the new hip. What I find much harder is tennis. Bothers my hip way more than skiing. Don't know if anyone else has felt this way. My hip rotation had gotten so bad it was impossible to do a snowplow. That stance requires more rotation than I could muster. Now a snowplow is doable again ( though that is not what I aspire to 😀)
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