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Feedback wanted !!!!

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I am a 46 year old male who is looking to get a new pair of skis.......I presently have the RX8's and like them but are looking for a newer model. I am looking to get a new pair of similar skis, regardless of brand.

I am looking for a ski that can make short and medium radius (carving) turns......will get into a turn fairly easy at slow and medium speeds.......good edge hold (New England Skier) on hard pack and ice..........

Looking at about a 164 to 167 ski (I am 5ft 9 and 180lbs) and athletic for my age......

I ski 90% on piste and may venture once or twice a day into moguls or trees.....

Would welcome any suggestions as I am open to trying anything new !!!

Thank you....
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 Try a Head Supershape, Supershape Magnum or iSL. Those would be a good start.
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Hi John,
Your spec's and needs are similar to mine, I've also owned and loved the RX8's. I just bought a new pair of Blizzard Supersonics, they're supposed to be very similar in feel to the RX8's but a little wider, more stable, more versatile and better grip. I also own the Nordica Spitfire Pro, Dynastar 4x4 and Nordica Mach 3. All of which I would recommend for your ability and terrain. I personally owned and wasn't  big fan of the Supershape or Magnum (the speed is my favorite of the Heads) but they are good ski's.

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For a hard snow ski with a taste of versatility, the Contact 4X4 from Dynastar or possibly the Fischer Progressor 9+ come immediately to mind.



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i think the Blizzard Supersonic is a good call but may be a little more ski than you want. If that's the type of ski you prefer than also consider the G-Force Pro which doesn't have any metal in it. I would suggest the best option for you in the Blizzard lineup is the Magnun 7.6. It's a great ski and would be a little more versatile than the carvers. 
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I also had the RX-8 and got the Progressor 8+ to replace them at the end of last season.  You can't go wrong with the Progressor 8+ if you like the RX-8 and want a similar but better performing ski.  Higher top speed, better edge grip and versatile enough for moguls and some soft snow.

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SuperShape, not magnum.
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