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FIS Bulletin

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Check it out.  Chock full of info from the international governing body.  Something for everyone.

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I'm writing a sports sociology article on the shunning of the ski jump ladies at the 2010 Olympics... That was very informative and useful, thank you!
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FIS Annual Report 2009 (FIS Bulletin 2009)

A lot of interesting information including event best practices, racing & youth development, 1st annual Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012, tv best practices, safety, FIS SnowKidz, and potential impact of global warming.

Thank you for posting this. 

PDF version

Online version

FIS Annual Report 2009 (FIS Bulletin 2009) Table of Contents


Inside FIS

6 Gian Franco Kasper Editorial

9 Sarah Lewis Report of the Secretary General

15 Antalya to host the 47th International Ski Congress

20 FIS Council 2008–2010

21 Sibylle Gafner FIS Finances 2008

24 New FIS Athletes’ Commission 2009–2013

26 Niklas Carlsson Creating an experience: Atmosphere at FIS Events

30 Riikka Rakic New publication: Skiing in Arts and Design

34 Michael Kennedy Developing winter sport success in a summer sport country

37 Mark Sharp Dealing with the reality: Developing skiers in Canada

40 Thomas Sjödin Youth development programmes in Sweden

Per-Åke Yttergård

43 Diana Fäh Optimised development in Switzerland

Season Overview

48 Richard Hegglin FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2009

53 Egon Theiner FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009

57 Oliver Kraus FIS Snowboard World Championships 2009

61 Suke Kawazu FIS Freestyle World Championships 2009

64 Stefan Stankalla FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships 2009

67 Sandra Spitz FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships 2009

70 Horst Nilgen FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships 2009

72 Peter Krogoll FIS Snowboard Junior World Championships 2009

74 Sarah Tuff Dunn Olympic Winter Games Vancouver 2010

80 Tomi Trbovc FIS Ski Flying World Championships 2010

82 Elisabeth FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships 2010


84 Hermann Wehrle FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships 2010

86 Snow Sports FIS Freestyle & Snowboard Junior World Championships 2010

New Zealand

88 Sandra Spitz Viessmann FIS World Cup Cross-Country 2008/2009

90 Horst Nilgen FIS World Cup Ski Jumping 2008/2009

93 Egon Theiner DKB FIS World Cup Nordic Combined 2008/2009

97 Patrick Lang Audi FIS Alpine World Cup 2008/2009

102 Riikka Rakic Freestyle FIS World Cup 2008/2009

104 Oliver Kraus LG Snowboard FIS World Cup 2008/2009

Committee Updates

110 Vegard Ulvang Cross-Country

114 Jouko Törmänen Ski Jumping

117 Harald Arhus Nordic Combined

120 Janez Fleré Alpine Skiing

124 Chris Robinson Freestyle Skiing

128 Marcel Looze Snowboard

132 Dick Taplin Speed Skiing

137 Anthony Favre Telemark

Trond Gunleiksrud

140 Jirí Russwurm Grass Skiing


144 Peter Bayer 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games 2012 in Innsbruck

Jürgen Steinberger

146 Jürgen Steinberger Interview with Karin Huttary, Director of Athlete

Experience Innsbruck 2012

148 Gian Franco Kasper From the IOC Coordination Commission

149 Winter YOG @ a Glance

150 Riikka Rakic Olympic Congress 2009: Taking the pulse of the virtual world

152 Egon Theiner The future is HD

156 IFM Sports A good winter for all FIS disciplines on television

160 Niklas Carlsson The importance of high quality TV production

162 Gian Franco Kasper Doping – quo vadis?

166 Rasmus Damsgaard Ensuring a level playing field: FIS Anti-Doping Programme 2009

170 Dr. Hubert Hörterer FIS Injury Surveillance System – three seasons on

172 Dr. Hubert Hörterer 1st FIS Research Seminar

174 Veit Senner Safety in winter sports in light of current research

176 Erwin Lauterwasser Third FIS Forum, Mainau: "The Sustainability of Snow Sports"


184 Riikka Rakic Welcome FIS SnowKidz!

188 Wencke Hölig Snow sports promotion in Germany: "Bewegte Stadt"

190 Mila Andreeva "Learn to ski" project in Bulgaria

194 Daniela Gurini Liene Finbauere receives 2008 Matteo Baumgarten prize

195 Erwin Stricker Welcome China

199 Walter Wedem Entering its third season: FIS Training Centre in Sella Nevea

200 Sandra Spitz Training and sharing experiences at FIS Seminars

202 Riikka Rakic Training the FIS TDs: Alpine Update Programme

Facts and Figures

208 News from FIS Ski Museums

209 80 Years of the Arlberg-Kandahar

210 Three FIS Awards for media in 2008

211 Important dates

212 Impressum

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