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Stowe Retro Day December 11

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All you "mature", active skiers that know what a long thong is used for, it was suggested to me to meet you all at Stowe on December 11, 2009 since this day has been planed for some time.
I will sent up an area with the resort management in order to video tape you all indoors. I need your memories, your adventures your perceptions of skiing in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s! If you have some old pictures,,I will gladly place them in the final DVD produced!
This is NOT a commercial project. This is to have on record for future generations all the ski and aprés-skiing  "adventures" you all had (if you are willing to share them with me)!
Please contact me via skigypsy@gmail.com if you are interested in coming to Stowe on December 11, 2009!
I promise to tape you and produce a DVD which you can show all your family! Yes it is free to all who participate. The skeptics,,well they will beg for the final DVD!
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This is the memories side of retro! If any bears can help out and plan to be up @ Stowe that weekend (for RETRO Friday, of course) please contact skigypsy @;


He would really like to get as many "takes" on the experience of skiing New England in the 60's and 70's as possible. Who's got some good stories to tell? I was 8 when I learned to ski in the late 60's in the Berkshire's so my stories may be a bit different than some of the slightly  more seasoned Bears that were already ripping it up for years by then.

Who can help out?
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skigypsy......This weekend I returned to the very first place I ever put on a pair of skis. They do not have skiing there anymore, but it was interesting to see it again after over 40 years!

Here's the door into the ski shop/rental area

It was here that they fixed me up with wooden skis with screwed on metal edges, cable bindings and  double leather lace boots

Then out to the bunny hill for the first lesson with an instructor named "Omar". I believe he was from Austria. Even back then I was ogling his Head skis, Look Nevada/GP bindings and Rosemont boots . This is how it looks today (yesterday);

No, the fence and the road were not there years ago. The rope tow ran up this side of the tree line in the right of the picture.

Man, it sure looked a LOT steeper when I was 8
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Thank you so much for the free motivations for others. I do appreciate it!
I have found 15 older skiers in mt area so I will be busy in the next few weeks! I suspect that when we do meet you will have a great deal to "share" with me! You have excellent positive memories of skiing!
Yes those "hills" did look steep in the early days! That is the beauty of skiing,,,you see your progress over time! That "dangerous" dip because nothing!
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