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 Hello - looking for advice here on a new pair of skis.  In a nut shell - I'm returning to skiing after a 10 year break.  I was a racer and was comfortable skiing in any conditions on any terrain.  The skis that I have now are 1997/8 Fischer SL Super's in a 195 or 200 length (I can;t remember and they are stored 2000miles from where I live).  I'm 140lbs and 5'8.
What I'm looking to do now is get involved with a masters training group and beer league.  Maybe do a little off piste stuff but not too much - bumps and east coast 'powder' are not really my bag.  Mostly I want to rip down the mountain and carve it up.  I would like to carve GS and SL type arcs.  I will be living on the east coast so a ski that grips h/p and ice is a necessity.
Based on my size and *hopeful* ability, I was thinking that I should get a ski in the 172 - 176 range.  I'm thinking that a skicross type would be the best option for me.  What would be a decent skicross ski to get?  Which brands are producing decent skis for the conditions that I'm looking at?
I am also considering a race ski but I'm not sure if the GS race skis would be versatile enough to run SL.  Which leads me to getting an SL - but would it be fast enough in the GS course.  Back in the day I would use my SL skis for both events...can you do that with todays side cuts?  Honestly, I'm probably thinking about it too much.  I realize I'm not going to win any prizes...but I also don;t want to be handicapped by my equipment.