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4FRNT VCT - Western Workhorse?

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 Looking to take an instructor position out west this season, so I need a good daily ski and have been seriously considering last year's VCT in either 168 or 175 (I am 5'6", 135, very aggressive, lots of pow and steeps, trees, touring, though I still like my spins in the park).  I demoed the Prophet 100's last year, which really impressed me so they are also in the mix along with Mojo 94s, although the Mojos are dropping on my depth chart because of my desire to go 100 waist.  A buddy of mine swears by the MSPs, and I have looked at them but if it dumps this year, I will probably wish I had something wider.

Can anybody with VCTs or who has demoed them weigh in on this?  Should I just say f it and get the VCT Turbos? (tip rockin')
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I skied the VCT all last year and while I think it's a great ski, I would never use it as a teaching ski.  It's way too wide.

If you're just planning on using it as a daily ripper, for out west I think it's a great choice.  It's very stable, even in the shorter lengths.

That being said, I really like the MSPs.  Sure, the waist is a bit narrow for deep days, but the dual radius shape does ridiculously well in chopped powder and tight situations.  Plus it's a better carver with similar stability.

What ski are you going to use to teach?
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 I have a beaten up pair of '06 Invaders I was going to use to teach.  Being that I'm going to be working with kids, I don't really need them to get much farther then the bunny hill.  I also have a pair of Elan M666's that I could tune up.

I really like the MSPs, as well, so I suppose it's going to come down to those two (will mount a Salomon STH14 regardless).   I just want to make sure I come prepared to slay; I don't know what the light/deep day ratio is out west, but I'd imagine in Jan/Feb I can get some pretty good use out of a fatty.  If I went with the MSPs I'd probably go long and get 171.
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Either the Elans or the Lines will work okay for your teaching needs...

I think that the MSP's are a special ski while the VCT is just a solid performer.  But if you're looking to ski mostly pow, the VCT is the better choice of the two. IMHO.
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