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22.0/22.5 Shell Size Boots w. 102+mm forefoot

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My wife has short, wide feet (US women's shoe size 5 wide).  She presently has 2006 Head Edge 9.x boots shell size 23/23.5.  The BSL is 274mm.  There is at least 3/4 of an inch between her heel and the back of the shell when she stands in the boots w/o the liner with her toe touching the front of the shell.  However, she also has wide feet and won't tolerate anything tighter than (I'm guessing) 102-103mm across the forefoot.  I believe her current boots are 103 or 104mm across the forefoot.  I suspect they are wider than necessary, but she won't wear a boot that is 98mm, or even 100mm across the forefoot (says it's too tight and won't wait for the boot to pack out).

My two-part question for the bootfitters is, (1) which brands actually make a 22.0/22.5 shell size, rather than using a liner to accommodate size 22/22.5 feet in their 23/23.5 size shell, and (2) of the manufacturers that actually produce a size 22/22.5 shell, which brands/models offer a wider forefoot (102-103mm)?

My guess is that a BSL of around 269-270mm with 102mm across the forefoot would present a compromise between performance and comfort that my wife would be willing to accept.  If such a boot exists, I would like to get her to try them on. 

Ideal flex would be around 70.  She's on the lighter side and, while she skis the black diamonds, she does so with care (not particularly aggressive) so I don't think a flex above 80 would be necessary or beneficial.

My thanks in advance for your recommmendations/assistance.

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the edge boot your wife has is available down to a 22/22.5 shell, it is as you say pretty wide and is oversize as well they make up to the 10x level in ladies in that size, the other boot which springs to mind is the salomon idol 8 CS although it is a 100mm last the custom shell will expand out to 106mm  it is also much better fit around the heel and ankle than the edge

best thing to do is get her to a good fitter who can look at her feet and help guide her towards the very best boot for her foot

good luck

EDIT:  just checked this years head edge 10+ wms boot...although the liner is a 22.0 the shell is 277mm but it has a plastic cap in the front to shorten it...not that that will do anything for reducing volume...by best guess is the salomon and a boot fitter
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lange exclusive = 100mm
lange venus = 104mm

both are made in real 22's (under 270mm)

keep in mind that the inside shell fit is the key for size, and not the BSL.

BSL's can be off by a lot, and even in boots that fit the foot the same the BSL can me almost 10mm off  (my kryptons are 296mm, my garmonts are 287mm, both "fit" my foot the same)

if her foot is touching the sides of the shell, can you not just get your local boot fitter to doa  shell stretch on it?
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My thanks to both of you for your responses. 

Mtn. Lion, I didn't explain clearly.  My wife's current boots are 4 yo and I'm trying to get her into a new pair of boots with more of a performance fit.  She doesn't complain about her boots, but I think her current boots are both too wide and too long.  However, she is not willing to give up a significant amount of comfort in order to get better performance.  So, I'm trying to find a boot she would be willing to wear that will permit her to "up her game" a bit. 

We will go and try out both the Lange Venus (I'd like to find something a bit narrower in the forefoot, if possible) and Solly Idol 8 CS (which is expensive, but might be exactly what she needs).  

I have also seen the Solly Divine 8 and 10 models (102mm forefoot) in a size 22, but not in a 22.5 (which makes me somewhat suspicious).  Is the Divine produced in a "true" 22/22.5 shell size?  Also, is it a performance boot, or is it just a pure comfort boot for cruising the blue squares?

Thanks again,


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best to get a good fit in the heel, and  make the forefoot wider as needed

to see if a boot is a real 22 (or 22.5) just make sure the BSL is under 270mm

sounds like you/her need to find a good local boot fitter and let them help you
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There is no relationship between performance and comfort if the shop and person doing the fitting know how to do their job.  There is a wide variety of boots made to 22 so what you should be doing is shopping for a store and knowledgeable person to help.  Knowing a list of boots won't get you where you are trying to go.

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