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Avalanche Dogs on Animal Planet

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Since getting adopted by Jester the wonder puppy, I've become totally addicted to watching Dogs 101 and Its me or the dog on Animal Planet.
Tonight I caught Dog 101 which had a feature about Saint Bernards and their Avalanche rescue work.
I am totally  impressed with this amazing breed!
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TC that link did not work for me.

Here is Jackson Hole's finest after a long day sleeping in at Corbets Cabin.   You could tell the last one did not want to go in the tram.  I think I took that photo about 4 years ago. 

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Looked up the video, it was a good one. but would disagree with some of the info.  Had 3 of these growing up. 

Vet bills yes, kind of like another child; one died on a vets operating table at very early age, very minor surgery. 

Slobbery, not scarily.  Like there are long hair and short hair, there are wet mouth and dry mouth.  Had 2 short haired dry Mouthe's; great dogs. 

They were so loyal, one killed a boxer because it killed a kitten that was its' friend, it was not a fight, he killed it.                                  

Amazing to hike in the wilderness with, every mountain person with the space and inclination should have one.  You do pay a heavy price they have a short life span.
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 I'm not surprised that the info in the video is not totally accurate, in fact I'd expect it to be incomplete since its just a short part of a 1 hr show which showcases 5(?) breeds in that hour.   Still, I think the Saint Bernard is a pretty cool dog.

Catskills, nice that you caught the dogs at work.  I watched some training at Abasin last year.  Avy dog training fascinates me.
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 Here's a pic of my dog that was in the paper last week.  She would have made an excellent avy dog.  I wasn't ready to train her when she was young.  Now she is too old to do the whole 5k walk.
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Thre are other breeds. Personally I prefer (to the Saint Bernard) the Bernese mountain dog (Berner-Schäferhund).  Or the Bergamasco sheep dog, of which we have had two pure-breed and two half-breed (one with a Bobtail and one with a Collie-German sheep dog) during the years.
The Bergamasco is very used to work and life in the mountains, relish the snow, loves it, but I don't know if it was ever thought to train it as an avalance dog.
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