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Hey guys

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Just joined here and I'm in the market for some new skis so I'm looking for some good advice.   I'm 22, been skiing since I was 5 in Europe, east coast and going to school in Colorado for the last 4 yrs.    I'm still in Colorado and own a pair of Fischer AMC76 that I've really liked over the past 3 seasons.  I plan on keeping those for non-powder, resort skiing days.  I'm looking for a pair that are a little fatter (90-100mm?) and could be used for some touring trips.  I've looked at a number of different skis including, Fischer watea 94, Black Diamond Kilowatts, and Rossignol Jagos.  Just bought a pair of Solomon Ghost boots and I'm probably going to go with marker duke or baron bindings unless I get any strong objections.
I am on a little bit of a budget so I'll probably end up with last years models.  Any advice would be much appreciated, I'm really enjoying browsing this site far!  Thanks!

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Well, there are a ton of great skis on the market.  So many of them are good for your needs, I hate to say it but demo and ask people who know how you ski.  In that category  the watea 94 is a good ski, the Dynastar Big Trouble (now 6th sense big) is nice, Salomon has put out some nice skis in the Lord and Czar.  So many options, demo days are less than 2 months out and there will be deals around.
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Thanks for the reply skierhj, I'll check these out.  The huge amount of options is almost becoming a problem because of all the good choices.  I just might have to wait and demo.  Would the watea 101 also be good?  I can't decide how fat I want these to be exactly but I think I'm leaning towards a 100ish mm fatness.  Is that still a good size to be able to do some AT?  I really don't know much about touring yet.
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Hi there,


Not sure if you are still looking for skis, but I have a set of 185cm BD Kilowatts with Fritschi Freerides and G3 skins for $600.




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