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So You Think You KNOW How to Ski the Trees !???

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Some of you will recognize this well known tree/powder skier.  This was a DEMO given by Squatty Schuler at ESA at Big Sky last year.  Actually he was showing me how to stay Upright in the trees.  Pretty good demo even if it was April and of course there were reports that SQUATTYS' class "...only skied groomers..." and  "...there was no powder..."

             SQUATTY SCHULER - Powder Skier Supreme - Especially in the Trees

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There is no snow on his goggles. Fail!
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Hi Slider, cooling off in Oregon yet?   I was 36 degrees here this AM but supposed to warm up this week.

Heres an actual ski picture of Squatty, not as cool or funny but ........

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 Pete, it was a pleasure skiing trees with you but we know the rule.
Pete goes first!
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Howdy Pete,
Squatty has good form. Yes it's cooling off here,28 this AM but no precip. It would be nice if ski season would start in early Nov. this year. Till then enjoying the nice fishing weather.:-)
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 Petes big trouble in the trees is that he wanted to follow the Ladies.
When we were skiing slightly slower than Pete he had a bit of a bark eater while speed checking. 
I think that he was distracted by the view
Squatty, being the amazing coach with skills mountain management .............well, lets just say, Squatty is amazing! 
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They call that tree skiing? He has enough room to make at LEAST one turn!

Originally Posted by Pete No. Idaho View Post

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See that gap in the trees at the top of the frame.  That's where Squatty came from.  Following Squatty through the trees at Big Sky could be quite daunting.  He would sniff the air then say "Powder's that way.  Follow me!"  then he would slip into the trees and we were off to the races.  You had absolutely no idea where you were going and what was in in front of you.  On one occasion it was Pete after he had to do an emergent bail to keep from crashing into the ladies.  So the legend began.  Great fun!!!  Let's do it again!!!
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 Squatty eats trees sprinkled with pow for breakfast!   He can sniff out the great powder stashes for sure.  Maybe this is where the term "powder hound" has it's roots?
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A fine tribute; adding some log splitting props for Uncle Louie

One of the best old school tree skiers I’ve ever followed.  Even while this shot of his 6 is near a Loveland clearing; be it thick or thin, UL can really split the timbers with good pace and rhythm. 

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I considered the possibility...and then went back to the groomers. Not.Not Orange Trees
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Nice, g... real nice...!
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