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hello my name is jazz i had my surgery about three weeks ago i am in a brace and crutches. i had one quadricep tendon done and have to have the other one done right after this one. i have a couple of questions. i tore my left knee out playing basketball being i was out of work at the time i refuse to get it check out it got so bad i would fall if i bend the knee so i learn to lock it as i walk but there was times i would slip up and fall.a year in and i rip the right one coming down the stairs supporting the left one. now they both ripped no insurance and im falling all over the place in the streets. finally trying to get charity to do it they give me like a 7 month appointment to get it done. now the right one have been done its been 3 weeks and im scared to do the left one because the DR. said if he do it being it been so long i might have 0% bemd in that knee. and he dont know how much i will have in the right but i might have some when its all in done.
i want to know when should i start therapy and how long will it take if i have to do my own therapy. imagine on crutches and your right knee had surgery and your worse leg have to hold you up. so would anyone else out there get there other leg done if you had no bend to it if you do.