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Beav or Vail with kids?

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We have been to both many times - just curious which you guys think is better to let kids ski on their own......

Would like to let my 13 and 15 yo girls ski alone each day for a few hours late in the day....  They are both good skiers and we would keep in touch with walkie-talkies and meet back in the room...   

I am leaning towards Beaver Creek - with a room in the Village close to the base...



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I'd pick the Beav but that has nothing to do with kids or not...it's just generally better than Vail imo
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Without knowing the kids and what they like to ski and how well they read a trail map, I would say Beaver Creek because to me it is easier to navigate and to end up in the right location at the end of the day.  Besides, if you are waiting for them at the bottom, you can gobble up the chocolate chip cookies.  That said, I would consider the terrain they like to ski before passing final judgment.  

By alone, I assume you mean you mean you will let them ski together without you and not really each one alone.  I also assume that you realize walkie-talkies only work when someone has the capacity to use them and on a relative line of sight basis.  I would expect, for example, if they are in Pete's and you are back in Vail Village, that they won't work so well. The folks running around the resort who are using them have the benefit of a repeater.  You may also want to consider giving them a cell phone to use for that afternoon. Though, none of these communication devices should be relied on.
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I never liked the idea of a kid ending up at the wrong lift area in Vail and then fighting the end of day traffic back to the hotel or condo.
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I too would recommend BC. Other than the unlikely possibility of ending up in Arrowhead or Batchelor Gulch, it's hard to miss finding the base at the Beav. But it sounds like your kids are pretty clued in.

Crowds are smaller at the Beav, and there is plenty there to keep a couple of teenagers entertained.

And as previously stated- the Chocolate Chip Cookies aren't bad either!   :)
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I've taught at the Kid's SS at the Beav for 5 years and now at the Kid's SS at Lionshead for 2 years and all of the replies above are AAA+++!  The only thing that I can add is, if you do stay at the Beav and would still like to ski Vail for a day or two, there is an awesome county bus (ECO - Vail/BC Express) that runs between the resorts 3 times/hour.  Have a great vacation!
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Thanks guys!!!!!!  Beav it is.....

Now I just need to donate some blood to pay for the condo in the Village for the week ... VRBO here I come...

And thanks for the bus info - we have friends staying in Vail that week and wanted to ski with them for a day or two... Will look for the bus....

Thanks again,,,

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