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Racing in VA, MD, PA?

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 Any resorts within an hour or so of DC that have race leagues?
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I know that there are a handful of mountains in PA that do USSA, NASTAR, and probably beer leauge. Whitetail is probably the closest mountain with a program.
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 Hey MT, come down to SARA races. Schedule is posted. www.skisara.org. Now that I'm living in the south i'll be there, so you'll at least know someone. (This is PC)
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Ski Roundtop has a Friday night beer league which sounds perfect for you.  I believe there are other racers in that league that travel from VA so you might even be able to carpool. 


Other than that, you may want to look into ASRA - www.skiracer.com (these races don't meet your one hour rule but there are still some close enough in PA)
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