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Atomic Punx TT ?

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Hey all,

Thinking about picking up the Atomic Punx 2010.  Has any1 had the chance to ski them?  How are they? (besides costing an arm and a leg)

I ski  85-90% park, the rest i ski bumps, glades, and whatever else the East Coast can squeak out. I was probably going to mount Look PX 12's on them at -1 maybe -2 back from true center for a small amount of all mountain skiing.  It is a symmetrical ski right?

I should probably hold off on buying them, i've already bought so much and the season hasn't even started yet.
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ok,  let me amend this.  How about the 2009 atomic punx?  How do they ski and has any1 tried mounting them -1 or -2 back from true center?  i'm worried about mounting them any farther back than -1 since they are symmetrical.

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Ive been skiing the 2010 punx over here in New Zealand with Markers ,our season is gonna be over in about a month.
I got the skis for about $400 US and yea they are symmetrical
Honestly you dont need to mount them back for all mountain skiing. They are sweet everywhere !
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thanks!  i'm probably going to give them a try this season.  I pace around them everytime i go into the ski shop.  Then the sales guy just blurts out,  "just buy em"
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