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Nolo: yeah, you start to peep around looking for Candid Camera in those situations. I really enjoyed that lesson (so did they, mum went and said something to my supe, who gave me one of those resort money voucher thingies!). I reckon all three are better skiiers than dad. Mum had the best natural stance I've ever seen! Girl did ballet (easy to teach movement). Boy actually listened and did, and we chatted about his next ski purchase.

Weems: I had a lot of spouses together in lessons this season, and I really wondered why they did that. There's either a simmering rivalry, various issues we're not privy to, or they hang out at the back talking to each other! Although I did enjoy a group I got where they were all partners...it was very social and fun.
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In Whistler we use a system of 1-6. In our program, ski esprit, we find that most of our clients fall into level 4 or 5. We just use the numbers as a starting point, so they get to where they think they should be, and then we start asking questions. Are you comfortable on blues, blacks, bumps, trees, on piste, off piste, etc. When did you last ski, how many days a season do you ski etc. This usually works real well, as after 1 or 2 quick warm-up runs, we might have to move 2 or 3 people around out of a group of 120 or so.

Anyways, I teach a class not a level so as long as the group works well together, all is good.

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