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Salomon Lord or Volkl Bridge/Mantra

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 Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for some advice.

I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Vail in december, and I need some new skis....

I have narrowed my search for an all mountain twin to the Salomon Lord, Volkl Bridge and the Volkl Mantra.

I ski 60% off piste and 40% on piste. My main concern is buying too much ski. I am only 17, and have just gotten into real off piste skiing in the past two years. I would consider myself an advanced skier (not expert), I learnt to ski in Vail as a youngster.

On the other hand, I don't want to outgrowing them in a few years either!

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! 
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If you have any park usage in mind, the Mantra is out b/c it is not a twin. FWIW......I own one, but don't find it particularly good at soft snow.

The Bridge has a semi twinned tail but it's sidecut, taper, and flex cause me to call it an all mountain ski cleverly disguised as a twin tip. I'd give the Bridge maybe a 85/15 all mountain vs. park rating. Other than an occasional drop into the halfpipe, I'm  a non-park sorta guy and I really like the Bridge as an all mountain choice. The Lord is a nice ski for a lighter skier with maybe a 70/30 AM vs. Park bias. The lord has a very high fun factor and won't kick you butt.

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The Bridge is an awesome all mountain ski and does very well in the crud and powder for its width. I think SJ put it well if you want a more park ski go for the Lord if you want a more off piste ski go for the Bridge. I wouldn't consider the mantra cause its not a twin and hasn't had that great of reviews. Personally I would choose the Bridge unless you are spending quite a bit of time in the park.

Good luck
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 Thanks! Your videos helped narrow down my search to these 3, you're a fountain of information.
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 I'll be spending next to no time in the park, so I'm thinking that the Bridge may be the better choice. Thanks for the quick reply!
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Maybe a P3 (Scott)
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Originally Posted by dmunro91 View Post

 I'll be spending next to no time in the park, so I'm thinking that the Bridge may be the better choice. Thanks for the quick reply!

Good choice....despite all the buzz about the Mantra, the Bridge is (for for my tastes anyhow) the better all mountain ski .

One more thing........

The Bridge is a very nimble and turny ski. You haven't stated your weight etc. but if you are in the average range for your age, you are maybe....what?.....5'10"/150# or so? If so, you will probably want the 177. Since the park is not high on your agenda, I'd suggest mounting the ski toward the rear of the mounting zone. (when you look at the ski, you'll see what I mean)

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Bridge is a great ski and has had many excellent reviews.
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 I'm 5 8" 160, would the 177 be too long? I'd want them to fit me for a while, so I may outgrow the 169...
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Keep in mind a177 twin will have  shorter running surface.  It will ski more like something around 174 or so. 
 I'm also 5'8" with a few more, OK a lot more Lbs then you. I'm fine with skis from 174 to just shy of 180  
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 I think I may a bit more towards 170ish no thta I think about it. The shorter running surface is something I hadn't thought about, thank you!
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At Vail a 169 would be short, generally speaking.  The longer ski would give you more float.  But in the East, I'd say what the hell, go for it - if you want more maneuverability.
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im 16, 6'  190 lbs and have the mantra 177. Im wishing now that I had gotten the next size but since your 4 inches shorter, the 177 sounds like it should be perfect. I have skiied both the bridge and  mantra. The bridge is better if your going to be 50-50/on-off. The mantra is better for more off piste. My advice would be to demo both and see what you like better
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 Thanks for all the great advice, I'm going to go check out the Bridge's over thanksgiving (canadian that is). What binding should I put on the ski? I really don't know much about them, so I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. Thanks again!
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Marker jester or griffon are great bindings. griffons are more plastic but they do just fine for me. Jesters are the same but all metal and more of a park binding, or so I hear. I guess that marker came out with a new binding that can be adjusted really fast from traditional mount to center mount. Might want to check it out.
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 I checked out the prices at my local ski shop, and here they are (in Canadian Dollars):

Volkl Bridge 2010: $700 plus binding

Volkl Mantra 2009: $450 plus binding

Salomon Lord 2009: $610 with Salomon STHI2 binding

In your opinion, what is the best value? I don't mind spending the extra $$$, but I want it to be really worth it.
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I think your at the point where you have to demo the skis to see what you like best.
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I know the tendency would be to go with the Mantra b/c of the price but I really don't think it's the right ski for you. (it isn't the right ski for me either)

I don't know for sure how the US vs CN $$ thing works out these days but I could get pretty durn close to that $700 for a 2010 Bridge with a good binding included. (Shipping on your dime)

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What ski shop were those prices at?


Im searching for a pair of lords at around that price.



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They were at the ski shop linked at the bottom of the post....over a year ago of course. I could get into that range for you on a Line P-90 these days. I don't carry the lord anymore.



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