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Whistler '09/10

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Hey guys, I'm trying to find a transportation company to take me from the Vancouver airport to Whistler and back this December 2009/January 2010. I'll be going with a few friends, my wife, and kids. We have around 14 people with luggage and skis/snowboards and carryons. Looking for a van or SUV limo? Those truck lookin' ones if you know what I mean. Booked with a company a few years back and they totally ripped us off (driver late, got lost, etc. won't mention the name here.) So please let me know if any companies you suggest are reliable and have no hidden charges and have professional drivers!

Also, can anybody recommend a few hotels with special rates for kids and adults? Do hotels usually give you a cheaper price if you book for more than two weeks? What's there to do around Whistler beside skiing anyway? What are the best restaurants around that area?

No spam please! Serious replyers only :-)
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 Hi ski guy,

Not sure if I can help you with transportation recommendations.  Here's a link though to Whistler Blackcomb's website listing some winter activities though.  There is other stuff to do but skiing is the main draw.

As a rule most hotels don't give special rates for 2 week stays.  If you book through a private owner they're more willing to give a break on price.  Maybe you can all find a few owner operated suites in the same condo building or rent a house?  A good website to search is
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yeah man, i know what u mean there! i got ripped off not only by 1 company, but by 4! however, for the past two years i tried something new... i took the plane from tokyo to vancouver, landed at the airport and got a company called Vancouver Classic Limousine to pick my buddies and i up and take us to whistler. I remember we had a lady driver and she was really kind and polite to us, even helping us with our luggage and opening/closing doors for us. we ended up giving her an extra $100 tip (there were 10 of us.) then 3 weeks later, a guy chauffeur picked us up, he was pretty nice and polite too, we were chatting the whole way down to the airport, ended up giving him an extra $200 tip :P

so yeah... Classic Limousine is the perfect company to rent from! gonna book with them again this year. can't wait to hit the slopes :-)
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There are so many good eateries in Whistler that I have no way to begin.  I particulary like the Sushi place near the godola loading area, upstairs; forgot its name.  Also the brew pub is nice, but you could eat for weeks and not do the same place twice.  It would be better to ask which places to avoid.  The list would be smaller.
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@ northyvr: thanks for the informative site, it helped me a lot.
@ nipponskier: Cool. took your advice and rented a van/shuttle from Vancouver Classic Limousine to take us up to Whistler in December. I'm really looking forward to it! Did you rent a van or a limo last time?
@ posaune: I'm looking forward to eating sushi and going to the pubs in Whistler, I hear they're really famous :-) i remember i went to a few restaurants last time and they weren't that great, forgot what they were called though :-(
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I have to come to visit some awsome places in USA 
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@bmcru: Whistler is in BC, Canada.

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It depends on what you want. If you are specifically looking for kid-friendly places, there are lots of casual dining options. Spaghetti Factory (Crystal Lodge) is popular. Also, Sushi Village and the pubs near the Whistler Gondola are good.

More expensive: Araxi, La Rua, Rim Rock (Creekside). Rim Rock is my favorite restaurant in the whole town.
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Caramba is a great family restaurant as well. 21 steps is very good.
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