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The Early Carve - The Grand Finale!

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Rusty Guy (& Bob B.) -

"Left-Tip-Left/Right-Tip-Right": BINGO!

Best Regards,
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...Or left turn move knees right...right turn, move knees left

...Or time.... to turn....just move your knees... across the skis. [ it rhymes ]
[it's a mantra ?]
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Isn't it outrageous. I had a two hour lesson yesterday with a woman who has been through three teachers this season. She was crippled by tipping and rotary motion, weight transfer, extension, etc.

We "underterrained and I just said turn your left tip left. She also benefited tremendously by one more of Bob's teachings that he attributes to the Mahre's and that is, "start the turn tall and finish the turn tall". This is what Bob calls finishing a turn in a neutral position.

We did this and BOOM!

She said why didn't someone show me this sooner.

I have a new variation that I blend with "thousand steps."

I begin on a very gentle pitch and to go left I suggest/demo four steps left beginning of course with the left tip. It is left ski a foot or so left, right ski a foot or so left, left ski, right ski, then a gentle skid.

The next progression is merely two steps.

Both these drills are completed by me saying to the student to keep the left tip going left.

I did this with some folks this week and it works with a wide variety of skill levels.

This is Bob B's deal so don't give me any credit. He showed it to me and now I'm just passing along the magic.
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You've confused me with the knee thing! I'm intrigued.
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yeah, your first comment confuses me, too.
On the other hand, I like the rhyme. It makes perfect sense.
What am I missing?
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Rusty--surely you don't think I invented this stuff, do you?

It all depends on how it's presented--so the credit is all yours. Great job!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Wink--I like the simplicity of your little rhymes (I assume, though, that you mean "left turn move knees LEFT...."--don't you?). Even so, I have concerns about focusing the movement that high up, in the knees. Even if you want to focus purely on the edging/tipping movements, and not on the steering movements, I like to think of them starting in the feet and ankles rather than the knees. Tip the BOOT(s) and let them tip the knees, rather than tipping the knees and having them tip the boots....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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If we tip our feet with intent,
In the direction we wish to turn,
Our skis they will get bent,
Into arcs for which we yearn.

: [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Perhaps I was a little weak on my visualization thus the confusion.

Assuming similtaneous edge change let's leave it at:

When it is time to turn....

Just move those knees... across the skis !
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