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Here,s a video from last year to enjoy during these hot days of summer. Feel free to critic both skiers at will. We both have skin like an elepahnt so be honest. Take Care.

Video Clip
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Sweet. Thanks for the vicarious turns. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

As for the tunes...

(What hill is that?)

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I can't get that to open.
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I can't get it open either.
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Nice footage JJ-you are looking pretty smooth. Hope to see your bud at the Academy. Where are you skiing and what happened landingwise in your opening jump?
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yeah, that edit leaves you wondering about the extent of the yardsale.
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For those of you that can't get it to open It is a large file, about 5 minutes of video. Give it some time.
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Schweeeeeeeeet. Wish I was skiing right now. Looks sorta like Loveland? Probably not.

JJ. Looks like you handle crud purrty well! C'mon be honest. You bomb-holed and ejected off the cornice, right? (that's what happens to me a lot!) Off-hand, I'd say you could improve some issues (assuming you don't need alignment work) by just turning the palms of your hands a little more toward each other. That might eliminate the "cow-catcher" feel where the arms are bowed outward and the neck juts forward. Small thing really, just cleans things up a little.

Good Skiing and thanks for the footage.

Spag :

I only had time to watch about the first 1:00 of the vid. Gotta git. I'll say more later if wanted!!!!

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Very nice slo-mo footage.
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I either get a bunch of Xs and Os or a "cannot" open from my server.
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i especially like the reaching.
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J squared,

Looking good, great video : .... thanks!

So what did happen after the cornice

Will you be in UT for ESAII?
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Nice work guys!! Would that musuc be by "Loverboy"?
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Took a long time to download over my antique dial-up connection, but the video was great! Looked like you were having fun on a nice day even if the snow got a bit demanding.

You asked for comments on the skiing, so:

Both of you are what I'd call good, strong and brave skiers. I don't know who's who, but the guy who fell down looks more intimidated by the conditions--and possibly the steepness--than the other. Both look overly reliant on starting turns on the new outside ski without involving the new inside ski sufficiently. The guy who didn't fall turns both skis better, but still launches most turns with the outside ski dominant. You'd be even more smooth if you allowed the weight dominance on the outside ski to occur later in the turns. I think you'd find slicing through that broken up snow easier if you were more evenly weighted at the starts of turns.

I only got one look at the video, but I saved it and will be taking more time with it tomorrow.
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Finally got it to work on my home computor.
It takes forever to download on my dial up connection though. I only saw half.
Fun [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks everybody for your input. To answer your questions the run is Alberta Face at Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado. Sorry to upset you all but there was no yard sale on this particular jump. The place is boundary rock also at Wolf Creek and as you can see I was way back so the landing involved a brief hip after which I was able to ski away.

To cgieb hope all is well with you and i am 80% sure I will make the trek to Utah again for the second academy. I will try to be a little more active in the chat rooms between now and then.

Until next time wrik hard and pray for early snowfall.
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