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Ski Music

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music and skiing go hand in hand. i've only found two songs that are specifically about skiing/winter, just like all those songs that talk about memories from summer, these bring memories to my (and hopefully yours) favorite season.

Luckie St. -Cartel
Couple of Friends- Bryon Friedman

both are great songs about winter/skiing, know anything else that can pump me up for the upcoming season?
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 There's some good skiing songs written by some local musicians I know.  
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i recommend alpha blondy.

you may recognize him from such films as blizzard of aahhh's (telluride scene).
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what are the local artist's songs?
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Host of Saraphim by Dead Can Dance
The entire Hardangervidda album by Ildjarn
Det Som Engang Var (the song, not the album) by Burzum
Regina by The Sugarcubes
Sunwheel and The First Snow by Drudkh
Firebird by Igor Stravinsky (especially Kashchi's Infernal Dance)
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Toad the Wet Sprocket is a ski band...

"My Feet are Smiling," (1973) by Leo Kottke, a truly great acoustic guitarist who plays a lot of ski towns. He'll be in Bozeman at the Emerson October 20, 2009. I think he must be a skier to say, my feet are smiling. 
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For more songs/albums about skiing see:
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 I got this email from Robin Barnes and had to share

If you enjoyed the music on Sean Warman's Images and Concepts DVD, vote for Bryon Friedman, the US Ski Teamer and incredibly talented musician that creates songs about skiing mojo . . . . .
He's pretty close to being voted the XM Coffee House Singer Songwriter of the Year.  Help us vote him in . . . . by clicking on this link and voting for a deserving guy:

I went to my itunes and looked him up.  He has some great ski songs!!!! 
Here is his myspace page
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There's a PSIA Ed. Staff member in the East (I hate name dropping to no name given) that has ski parody band.  They do a whole bunch of rock standards with the lyrics changed to be about skiing.  Kinda like Weird Al Yankovich of skiing.  Saw them plan at a bar at K-mart a few years ago.  They really are riot.  I believe they are not actively playing right now but at one point they did put out a CD.

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Apparently techno dance music is good for skiing
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acid raindrops - people under the stairs
none shall pass - aesop rock
forest whitaker - Brother Ali
Classics (whole album) - Living Legends
Disco Friends - Just Jack
Zoo York - Paul Oakenfold
6 underground - Sneaker Pimps
300 mph - white stripes
what a job - devin the dude
4 am bay bridge music - andre nickatina and equipto
coastin - zion i
soul meets body - death cab for cutie
honest expression - Binary star
organ donor - DJ shadow
san francisco nights - people under the stairs
kick, push - Lupe Fiasco
mastermind - deltron 3030
Jumelles - MC Solaar
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The German speaking countries have a very wide selection of Apres Ski music.

Many of the songs include traditional tyrolean types of instrumentation and themes - but generally played with a pop or techno style.

I particularly like 10 Little Jaegermeisters.

You can sample alot of ski songs by searching the German language Amazon - - search for apres hits.  You will get ALOT of them - like these, for example:
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