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Volkl Bridge vs Mantra vs Prophet 90s

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I have pretty much narrowed it down to these three choices. This will be my everyday ski at Fernie. It will probably be used sort of as a 50/50(front side/backside). I have a pair PEs for the park and i'm going to pick up a set of exclusively powder boards for the deep days. So, keep in mind, this ski will not be used in deep snow. Basically looking for it to perform in this order- Groomer/crud/trees/bumps. I want something also that has some "pop" coming out of the turns on the hard pack. From reviews I have read the Bridge is very stiff, Does this give it some good stability and "pop" on the hardback?

What ski do you think performs best on hard pack?
What ski do you think would be best in the crud?

Length recommendations? - I'm 5'11, 190lbs, athletic, level 7/8 skier.

Bridge- 177 or 185
Mantra-177 or 184
Prophet-179 or 186

Any other recommendations?
Thanks for the help.
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I've skied all three and owned the Bridge and Mantra.  The Mantra is the stiffest of the three and has a real broad following in Tahoe.  Personally I think its more of a frontside or east coast ski, and it definately has a racy feel.  The Bridge was the ski I was using when it had not snowed in a while and I think its a great ski but Volkl is kind of blowing it the way they market it.  With its flex and taper its not a "bridge" between park and all mountain; I don't think anyone is going to spend a lot of time in the park with it.  Its a real good all mountain board that IMO combines all the good of the Mantra (stability, edge grip, ability to make many turn shapes) but in a more versatle and forgiving package.  It has a bit of a glassy feel, and I noticed every once in a while it was a little hooky for me (probably due to the big taper or perhaps I just sucked that day).  I'm probably in the minority but I thought the Prophet 90 was all hype; it just didn't do much for me.  IMO the Prophet 100 is Line's best all mountain ski.

So I would rank them Bridge, Mantra then Prophet.  If you go Bridge don't be afraid to size up; Volkls are not as long as advertised (especially since the Bridge is a twin).  And just to add to the mix, I sold my pair of Bridge's in favor of the 4frnt MSP.  Very similar dimensions and a similar feeling ski but a little more damp and quiet (the 181 is 92 mm underfoot).  I prefer the MSP off piste over all three of the others and it's very stable if you want to send it. Only the graphics are different for 2010. We are fairly similar skiers; me 6' 210# level 8. Hope that helps. 
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Just to toss something out there  Two skis that seem to get a lot of attention from good skiers in the know  are the Head MoJo 94 and The Bizzard Magnum 8.7 both are well know for their crud performance.
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For the last couple of seasons I've skied Fernie on Prophet 100s. Like everybody says they "pop", do bumps, trees and groomers like crazy. Besides 90s would almost overlap your PEs and you wouldn't need a separate powder ski because the 100s rip in Fernie powder.

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Thanks for all the feedback. It's really help full when you can get advice from people experienced with all the skis.

I will look into the other skis mentioned.
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