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Help with new skis

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Hey all :)  It's almost here!!

I need help picking a new pair of skis out this year.  Here's the nitty gritty....

We ski about 20 - 30 days a season.  Most of those days are in Colorado - A-Basin, Breck, and Keystone.  We almost always take a road trip to Jackson for at least a week as well.

We spend most of the days back in the bowls and really only venture to the frontside to get to the car. 

Currently I am sporting a pair of very thrashed and abused Salomon Screams - Hot from about five years ago.

I really really like them.  They crush every bit of crud out there and still hold a pretty damn good edge.  They are stable at speed and almost always feel good.  But they are quite heavy.

I don't do much in the park, but do venture in once in a while :)  We do end up on quite a few bump runs here and there too.

I've completely ripped apart the edge twice now and I doubt this one is fixable this time.

It's been so long since I've looked and all the latest gear guides just seem like advertisements.

Any recommendations on a ski that might be similar these days??

Thanks a million :)
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I was thinking about the Volkl AC50's, but they sound more like a front side ski....
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I've always been a fan of K2 skis.
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 we need more info to be helpful. Preferences, size, weight,  etc. Otherwise there are just so many quality skis that fit...see e.g.





head monster 82, 90 94



prophet 90/100

moment tahoe

icelantic nomad SFT

titan cronus/mGNUM 8.7

4frnt MSP

dynastar 6th sense distorter

solo lord

liberty dobule helix

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I weigh about 180lbs, 5ft 10" tall.  I'd say I am pretty damn good skier ;-)  We spend most of our time in crud filled bowls....i prefer crud filled steeps :)  I do usually end up doing a couple of big bump runs on any givin day.

Does that help any?

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