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Euro skis for Dukes?

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I’m 25, 5’10” 150lbs and probably a strong level 7. I’m looking for a ski that can handle most conditions encountered off piste well (inc trees), can rail GS turns on the groomed, in addition that to being light enough for short tours (bindings will be Dukes). My skiing will be for 85% in the alps where you can encounter just about every condition there is going, often on the same day and doesn’t requires skis as wide as Colorado, Utah etc.


I realise this is pretty demanding criteria and will probably have to make concessions in one area. My quiver can only be 2 pairs of skis since I will not be able to travel with more than 2 due to flight restrictions. My other pair are Atomic SL12s; yes not ideal for a 2 ski quiver but I love the feel of SL skis on the groomed


I used some Dynastar Mythic Riders in 172 last year in just about every condition and for the most part they were really great: they ripped GS turns, destroyed crud, held on windslab/ice, floated well but did tip dive in powder which was really annoying and were really too heavy to consider any kind of touring I think. I probably wouldn’t want skis too much wider than this (88mm) and though they have a rep as a fairly burly ski I went shorter at 172 and didn’t find them too stiff despite being a lightweight. A lighter non-tip diving mythic would probably be ideal should it exist


High on my list were the 179 BROs but there is no info what is happening with the PM gear line-up for 2010. Can anyone give me any idea on what other skis to demo? Fisher Wateas looked like a good bet but I’m not sure about hard snow/ice performance, Mantras apparently tip dive and are too heavy (like the mythics), Goats are probably too wide and with tip rocker I can’t seem them doing the business on hardpack, don’t know much about prophet 100s.


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Originally Posted by narc View Post


I realise this is pretty demanding criteria and will probably have to make concessions in one area.

Yes, you will.............but good on 'ya for realizing that fact.

You give a pretty accurate description of all the things that the MR is good at and the one thing that it is not so good at. The reason that it is so good at all those things is that it is a fairly stiff ski. If you get a softer ski, it will improve in the one area you want it to but it will compromise in some of the other areas that you like. Unfortunately, there is no free lunch and the give and take is part of the ski buying deal.

I would caution you against trying to go too light on the ski because a really light ski will feel pretty skittish in very hard or mixed conditions. Besides........you are going to use a Duke binding which is about as light as a boat anchor.

One good option to consider is the Blizzard Cronus. It is a bit lighter than the MR, but more importantly it is softer in the tip and tail so it will not dive as much in light snow. Last year, there was a Duke binding available from Blizzard that would fit right into the IQ system track and you could buy them right from the factory with that binding. That is no longer offered, but this year (2010) there is something that is possibly even better. The IQ max slider is a generic plate that slides into the system track. This is a blank plate that can be mounted with any binding including a dedicated touring binding or a Duke or even an alpine racing binding  You could even buy an extra slider plate and mount a different binding on it, then slide 2 different bindings on and off the ski as the need changes. Finally, the Cronus is available without the slider but with a normal alpine system binding that slides into the same track. Then if you want, you can slide that one out and replace it with say an AT type of binding mounted on the slider plate. Then when you are done with the tour, you could slide the alpine binding binding back in for your next trip to the resort.

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 I was just standing behind Whiteroom as he was reading the OP and I cried out "That's easy, Blizzard Titan Cronus!". So I agree with SJ.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post

 I was just standing behind Whiteroom as he was reading the OP and I cried out "That's easy, Blizzard Titan Cronus!". So I agree with SJ.

I always knowed you wuz a shmartguy............

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What about the Swiss, Movement skis?
Source, 94 mm waist available in :
169 177 185 193
Very versatile both on and off-piste. Probably not the best choice for touring...If that's their main use
Company bindings are rebadged Look/Rossi but I see no problem mounting Dukes (but Jester and Griffon - their Schizo declination look promising -  would be my choice, I'd forgo the "short touring" anyway) on it...ok, I'm wandering off-path here. Sorry.
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The Cronus sounds like just the job guys - thanks, always had an half an eye on the newer blizzard skis they seem to be turning out quality stuff these days.

Being able to have *some* touring capability is a must. In most resorts the pow gets tracked out in like 10mins and I love the feel of getting out of the resort away from the lifts and crowds (even if it isn't very far!), there is decent mileage in lift assisted off piste in the alps. The closest movement ski would probably be Couloir (new Thunder) and since the TGR guys seem to love it, it may be a bit much for me since I'm not charging and airing everything.

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