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They are all the newer ortovox F1's. They are ex-heli ski rentals, and the company has tested them for range, send, receive, etc. If they don't work, send em back for a replacement.... (this also means that you should practice, practice, practice with ANY beacon to know how it works)

The Ortovox F1 offers tried and true analogue technology. Three LEDs of signal strength complement the external audio signal for faster rescues, making this a good choice for multiple searches.

* Three LEDs (red , yellow and green) on directional arrow point the way to buried victim.
* Forced on/off switch means beacon must be engaged to be worn on your body.
* Uses two AA batteries (not included).
* Search strip width is 40m

$160 for epic, $170 thru my site for public, retail is $250 US

Same as last time, prices are in US funds, and include shipping (cheap mail to US or CND). If you are looking for a few of them i can deduct the shippping on the extras, so save $10.
So if you want 3 F1's that is $160 + 150 + 150.

Paypal is

and please include a MAILING address and what you are paying for. I'll have them in the mail a few days after payment and mail should take 1-2 weeks to get to you.