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I just finished reading a new Bio: "Lance - The Making of the World's Greatest Champion"
Attached is a PR link

A quick review.
First, the author is just so pro-Lance; expect nothing of controversy. Lance was interviewed for the book, lent pics, let the author know he was returning to cycling, but did not request approval. The author has covered the Tour for 40 years and drops a lot of names and incidents involving Lance.

Second, drugs??? The author adopts and defends Lance's version and spins with respect to doping. It's funny that the first time drugs are mentioned is the year after Lance wins the World Championship Jersey, and, he can't repeat the success because "others" are making unheard of progress. Lance's personal physician is kicked out of cycling because of dope, but, hey Lance stayed clean. Color me a great fan of Lance, but, I'm also a health skeptic.

 Third, Cancer. It's still depressing to read what he went through. When it happened I thought he was history. Amazing story, including finding a specialist who could treat him without drugs that would damage his lungs.

Forth, Big time Ladies man! Just don't expect insights into what went wrong with Sheryl or his first wife. Oh yeah - he uses the f word as a kid.

Last, The story of his development from a world class tri athlete who just rode straight distances very fast to a TDC champion is great reading. (Note to Bushwacker - check this out) A ton of big names are mentioned in helping him Mercyx, Indurain etc. His team organization and prep work are amazing.

Lance is an amazingly complicated, dedicated, organized individual. The ultimate competitor. If your into cycling, it's a fun read.