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Tales from the old, slow bike commuter in Northern Virginia.


Used my helmet today. Was fooling with my light this morning, which I have jury rigged to my handle bars. Lost control, fell to ground. Harmless fall, but forehead hit the ground and gave me stiff neck. Helmet did not break/crack. Knee and elbow hit asphalt, but fortunately head hit someone's front yard grass.

Just last evening I celebrated a small victory. Was riding home (west) and a nice guy about half my age blew by me on a road bike. I ride old hybrid bought for $15 at yard sale five years ago. At one point there are two options for W&OD bike trail near Lee Highway. He took the standard route. I took a lesser known short cut. I picked up pace and hit the highway just right for quick crossing. After about 2/3 mile I merged back on bike trail right in front of him. As he blew by me again he yelled in a fun way, "hey, how'd you do that?" I could only laugh and he was gone. But the thrill of the chase gave me a smile the last few miles home.

Over the weekend I finally made it out to western end of W&OD trail in Purcellville, VA on a pleasure ride. Still using swim trunks and Desitin.  Rode 30+ miles on the old hybrid, absolutely gorgeous day. Got a nice clear view of the Blue Ridge Mtn foothills from there.  Soon the leaves will turn and the flakes will fly!!