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Kastle FX 84?

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Anyone know anything about this ski? It just got a rave review from Expert Skier.  I am looking for an all-around everyday "anchor" ski that works well on and off and thinking about demo'ing skis like the Sultan 85, Blizzard Cronus, Salomon Fury... and the Kastle review caught my eye. 
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 I love it. I am leaning to it being my 80-something ski of choice. I am using Porsche as an example, I liken it to being a "Cayman" to the MX being the "911". I have them in stock, if interested, PM me for options. 
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It's a fantastic ski.  I think the FX's are little more easy going than the MX's.  They're lighter and a bit softer.  You can vary your turn shape a little easier as well because they're a bit straighter.

I really liked the Cronus as well.  I found them to be really soft and forgiving, but when you got them on edge, they felt totally locked in.  My only objection to them is in spring crud, where I found them to be a bit wimpy.
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What bindings would you put on the FX?  Have either of you skied the Sultan 85's and how would you describe them?
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 I haven't skied the Sultan. As far as a binding, I would probably put one of the Royal Family Markers on them, depending on weight and or back country needs.

Under 200lb: 
Griffon or Baron
Over 200lb:
Jester or Duke
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I haven't skied the Sultan yet either...and I would put either Dukes or Barons on it.
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OOC, what bindings would you put on the Sultan's?
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Hey I'm not going to get a chance to demo the FX84 before this season and I want new skis set and ready before I head out west this winter (starting in late NOV to Mt. Hood/Bachelor).  I rode the MX78 in 176 and luuuved'em (compared to 8 other skis, except for stockli and blizzard which also interested me, but I don't like the looks [don't judge me], maybe the titan cronus).  I was set on the MX78 but now this FX84 is burning my brain.  Which one is better (er, for me)?  Any suggestions are welcome.  Btw, the last pair of skis that I bought where K2 Merlin V's (184cm) and that was 11 years ago...  I'm loyal to my purchases.

height: 5' 11''
weight: 165 lbs.

I don't know much in the way of ratings, but I've been skiing on ice since I was 7 (grew up in MI).  Ski the steep and deep when I can out west (last year got 15 days) and have been since I was 12 (now 27).  I don't hike more than a few thousand meters for better steep/deep but I want to.

I typically like to go fast and make big turns on the groomers (ice).  I enjoy trees, but it's actually not the trees that I like it's the powder.  I want more powder!  But realistically I will not stop skiing just to wait for powder, not my MO, I need to be out of the house.  Otherwise I spend too much time on message boards.

Oh second question:  What is the difference between a stiff 120 flex AT boot and a 125 flex alpine boot?  For instance the Garmont Shaman compared to a Nordica HR PRO 125 (or Speedmachine 120).  Also anyone know just how stiff the Dynafit Titan is?  I currently just retired some very old Dalbello's that probably had a flex rating somewhere in the 90's or lower... Also very old boots.  Is there any reason to buy alpine boots in AT boots are getting this good?

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In your case, choosing the right ski comes down to two questions:

1) What did you like about the MX78?

2) Where are you primarily going to be skiing?

In order help you answer the first question, let me go through the differences in the two skis.

Feel (the core)
The MX78 and FX84 both have a very similar feel (as does all the Kastle line) but there are some subtle differences.  Firstly, the MX has a stiffer ash/silver fir core while the FX has an lighter ash/poplar core.  The sheets of titanal in the FX are thinner and it has a hollowtech tail.  What that means is that the FX84 is lighter and softer making it more maneuverable and easier to ski, while the MX78 is going to be burlier, with more power and better edge hold.

Shape (the dimensions)
The dimensions of these two skis are also quite similar.  They both have a 18m radius in the 176cm length.  But the FX84 is a bit fatter, making it better in powder.  What I find interesting is that both skis have almost the same tip dimensions (MX78 - 121mm, FX84 - 122mm) but the FX is wider in the waist and the tail.  That makes the FX straighter in the tip, making it easier to initiate different shapes and sizes of turns.  Although, I found the MX78 to be fairly versatile in that regard as well.

Bottom Line:
If you're looking for a carver/frontside ski, go with the MX78 with the KTI plate.  If you're going to get a touring setup, go with the FX84.

If you're somewhere in the middle, I might lean more towards the FX84.  It will give you more float and a little more forgiveness and versatility, but you will give up some carving performance.
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Originally Posted by Kevin Desai View Post

Oh second question:  What is the difference between a stiff 120 flex AT boot and a 125 flex alpine boot?  For instance the Garmont Shaman compared to a Nordica HR PRO 125 (or Speedmachine 120).  Also anyone know just how stiff the Dynafit Titan is?  I currently just retired some very old Dalbello's that probably had a flex rating somewhere in the 90's or lower... Also very old boots.  Is there any reason to buy alpine boots in AT boots are getting this good?

I'm no expert when it comes to AT boots, but let me just add my two cents.  Unless you're planning on doing some serious touring, buy alpine boots.  Alpine boots perform much better than AT boots, and if you're upgrading from an old pair, you'll be amazed at how comfortable they've become.
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Thank you very much for your responses. 

The answers to your questions:
1. First thing I liked was that they where light and fast.  Very fast.  Second thing I liked is that they held a good edge, as if I was cutting paper with a razor.  One thing I did NOT like is that when I got behind the ski it took some effort to get out and make a hard turn/stop (imagine that...).  I didn't get to ski them in anything deeper than maybe 3 feet of powder.  The float was obviously not like a fat ski, but they didn't sink too much and I had fun turns in the bowl.  Again, turn initiation in the powder could have been better... definitely was a good workout (I assume the FX84 floats better, but how much?).  Overall, they felt like very lively and just plain fun, great speed and good side-to-side carving.  I didn't take these skis into the trees, but I can imagine they would be more challenging to handle than a pair of the FX84, just curious though as to how much.  For example if I was fatigued in 6 hours of skiing trees with the FX84, would I be fatigued in 4 hours with the MX78 (assuming my goal was to maintain similar speed and control)?  I understand though that this is a question that I'd have to answer myself, but any frame of reference is always appreciated.

2.  I will primarily be skiing PA, WV and NY (maybe VT?) slopes b/c I can drive to them on the weekdays/weekends much more easily than I can fly out west.  I expect around 50+ days in these areas.  This season I'll have 15+ days between UT, WY, OR.  I suspect I'll ski whatever I can get to with a chair or cat (or boots...).

I'm leaning towards the MX78.  I honestly know I will end up on the front-side more often then the back-side until I:

  1. Make cooler friends who will go with me (or let me tag along)
  2. Get more time to ski out west/north (hopefully in 3 years when I can move out of Pittsburgh)

Ultimately though, the worst of motivators is swaying my decision, I can get a much better deal on the MX78 with Griffon bindings mounted.  $500 used vs. $1200+ new for the FX84s.  Thoughts on this decision based on what you know about my scenario?  The used MX78's are 30 days used with only top sheet scratches (no cracks or chips on top or bottom, clean edges, and gouge-less bases).

Concerning KTI, I have another question - how much of a difference does the KTI plate make and is it a must-have upgrade (for either ski)?  In order to use it I need the K14 bindings correct?  Is this something that would make a noticeable impact on my edge control or turning initiation on AND off the groomers?

I don't want an AT boot that changes stiffness depending on the weather and the Lange Blaster Pro/Super is an interesting boot in that it's made with Polyether, has light weight, good flex and a walk-mode.  Not to mention a wide last (I'd prefer a 100mm, but 102mm can be worked on).  I started really reading into the boot ordeal and I am going to go work with a boot-fitters and see what they say (uh, sell).   I'm really at this point leaning between the Blaster Pro over the Nordica Speedmachines (got fitted for 12's last year but didn't buy) unless any guru's out there can steer me elsewhere.  Price and features seem better, but it all comes down to fit.

Regards and more regards,

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Sounds to me like you want to buy the demo mx78's if they're in good shape and then get a cheaper fat ski for the backside...

Try starting a new post for the boots if you're looking for some advice.
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I bought the mx78's.  Too good of a deal to pass up.  Will let ya'll know if I made the right choice or not once I get to ride a pair of FX84's.

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