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is this going to be combined with the Bears gathering in Utah 2003, or is this something separate?
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Right now, we're looking at about a week long Bears 2003. For sure in Utah, probably the last week in February.

So, I for one would love to do some training one day. But I don't follow traditional ski instruction and there's a few others here who don't either.

So my vote would be to separate the training by what you follow. Traditional ski instruction in one group, maybe lead by Barnes, and alternative ski instruction in another group, maybe lead by Eski. Now that's assuming Barnes and Eski will show up. If the crowd is big enough, I don't see why they wouldn't.

Barnes, Eski, would you show up if the crowd is big enough?
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What would be really cool is if we could do a ski camp in Colorado right before the Utah trip! As far as technique, we have Wigs, Arcmeister and Rick representing the direct to parallel approach It would be interesting to work with a variety of methods!
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Good Idea. I say bride those two with comps. down in Utah but they probably get that already.

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I like the sound of a week in Utah, if we can get some sort of group deal for accomodation it might help my pathetic kiwi dollars go further. My goal is to make the next bears gathering. I've made sure that I will still have a couple of weeks leave owing for Feb/March so that if funds permit I can make it. I don't need to buy an air ticket, have enough frequent flyer miles. Fingers crossed that Utah will put on a good show like it did for the games.

At this point, I have 3 holidays planned this year. I am heading to Aussie for some sun in May (our summer has been pathetic), a weeks skiing in August (plus lot sof weekends) and then to South of France for a cycle/canoe/hiking tour in September. After France I am spending a couple of days in London, maybe I could meet the infamous 'Wear the fox hat' in person, to see if he is as witty in real life as on epicski - but would I be safe, female on my own - sounds like he is always on the fox hunt......

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I fell insulted. I don't bite (OK, maybe nibble a bit, but never bite)
I'd love to meet you when you're in London.

I also like that idea of a warm up in Colorado before going to Utah.
As for accomodation, can we either find places that have single rooms, or if there are any singles who would share a twin room with me, let me know. Staying in decent accomodation alone is very expensive.

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Most of the camps that provide accomodations require double occupancy. If my wife bails out of the trip I'd be up for sharing a room to cut down costs.
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Thanks, I'll bear that in mind, and I'm sure there are other bears out there in a similar situation. I've posted the question in the Next Year - Utah thread, so this one can stay as Instruction/training!

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There has been some mention on other threads of trying to keep this camp in the same time frame of the Utah trip. Considering that we have people who want to fly in from the UK, and down under, this may be a good idea. I'm not sure if I have enough frequent flyer miles for 2 domestic tickets, so I too would like this.

For those of you who would like to teach, does this time frame work for you?

If it does, is it practical for you to come to Utah. Many of you who were interested are from Colorado. Would it be more viable to do the camp in Colorado, prior to the Utah gathering?
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The other choice would be to try to set up the camp the same week ending in the "gathering" for the weekend. Instructors are probably more apt to make a week day camp since ski schools usually try to be at full staff on weekends.
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it's good ideas like that that prove why you're an Administrator for the site, and I'm just wear and tear on the bandwidth!

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DC: That's exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I posted my Convergence of Ideas thread! I only did it to focus folk's minds, which it seems to have done.

Great! I hope it proves feasible.

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I would probably be able to make the camp if in CO in Feb. But would not be able to go to UT. I'm just too busy that time of the year to leave for more than a couple days at most.------Wigs
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hey, here's a definite vote for Both Colorado(Bob's Domain) AND Utah...

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Two questions....

a) we are talking next season for this, right?

b) am I going to get my instructor choice or is Kristi Leskinen already booked?
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