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Any Nelson Locals Here?

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Or anyone who's skied Whitewater more than just a day or so (like me)? I may get another day there next season, wondering whether it's worth it to hire a guide. I felt like a lot of the goods were beyond my reach last time.
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I have a buddy who has been living there for 6 years.  Everyone at WW, including the patrol, will tell you that the best skiing is off area. The entry road from the highway is about 10k long and a short traverse hike from the top of the lift will give you a run to the road below the base area, where you either have a shuttle parked or hitch hike back to the base.  This is a vast area and IMO it is not advisable to try it yourself by just following tracks, but the locals are generally very friendly and will usually let you tag along if you can keep up, particularly if you have some weed, which is  also an accepted gift to someone picking you up hitching back up the road.  Hiring a guide seems like it might be overkill, but if it is not too expensive you would literally see a whole new side to the area, and would probably be worth it.
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Hmmm. Coming over from here, and then Stateside, I'd be more thinking about procuring than giving, but I get your drift.

Maybe I could bring like a block of Parmesan or something, though that's hard to smuggle into the States too.
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Prickly, if you are a good skier and can keep up with the locals, just be friendly and ask questions on the lift rides.  I'd bet someone will hook you up with a run or two on the backside, and probably some of that other stuff too. I find the Canadians to be much more polite and friendly than people from the States.  Nelson has a pretty good ski bum population and it shouldn't be too hard to find someone willing to show you around, or at least point you in the right direction, especially since you are an "exotic foreigner."  By the way, the girls up there can be pretty friendly too.

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Friendly, huh? Alright, I'll give it a try. Usually, here, we just spit on people we meet on the lifts. But I'm game.
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Just curious, are you going to hit Red Mountain, Revelstoke, or any of the other BC areas on your trip.
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Probably not. I think I'll just have one short day to resort-ski, need to be in Nelson like at 3 or so, so Whitewater makes the most sense.
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Isn't that kind of like traveling all of the way to the Italian Alps and only skiing 1 day? 

Prickly, Aren't there laws about that sort of thing?  (Not the horticulture, the only skiing 1 day)
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I didn't say I was only gonna ski one day. I said I was only gonna resort-ski one day.
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Send me a PM when you get closer to making the trip.  Maybe I can hook you up with my friend, or at least get some better info for you.  Sounds like you may be headed for some cat or heli skiing.  That area has tons of options, and usually tons of snow.  MF
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Alright, very cool. Thanks for that.

Yeah, hopefully cat skiing, this will be my third time in the area if I can connect all the dots. And convince my wife.

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Check this out if you want a little reminder of Kootenay Mountain Culture.  The winter issues in the archive have some tastey articles and pictures.
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