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What are your ideas for Clinics at the Utah Bears Gathering?

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This poll is an attempt define clinics to offer at the Utah Bears gathering in January. The clinics I've described represent my opinion of the kinds of clinics advanced skiers would enjoy, but they do not necessarily represent everything that might be possible. For example, Lisamarie has oferred to lead off-the-snow fitness and stretching, and others have suggested beginners through wedge christie clinics for those whose enthusiasm exceeds their current skills. I think those are great ideas.
I'd like to hear from anyone who expects to attend and has thoughts about how the instructors in the group can help make the gathering a better event. After the results of the poll are in, and after I receive your comments, I hope to suggest a list of clinics by August 15. That should give everyone enough time to suggest improvements before a final schedule and instructor assignment is completed in September.
Answer the poll and/or let me know what you think of it.

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I have a concern with the poll; it is too general. I feel that the choices should be more specific, ie, "Beginning parallel" "Refine your parallel". Cruising and carving really doesn't say much.
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OK, here's what I was thinking with that poll. A "Carving and Cruising" clinic would be appropriate for skiers who are comfortable skiing groom blue trails, and who want to learn modern, carving, and perhaps increase there comfort with speed. "Shorter and Steeper" would be appropriate for those who want to get beyond long radius carved turns, into more energetic short radius turns, and who want to spend more time on the steeper parts of the mountain. "Introduction to Moguls" would be amporximately the same pace and intensity as "Shorter and Steepr" but with more enphasis on moguls, particularly on perceptual skills and strategies for moguls. Another moguls clinic would emphasize more advanced skills, including the steepest moguls and the zipperline. "Steeps and Off-Piste" would go everywhere on the mountain, with an emphasis on techniques and strategies for safe skiing at the highest level of intensity. I think these last two clinics should include a warning that anyone without the skills necessary to participate safely will be offered the opportunity to join another clinic. I also didn't mean to exclude lower than parallel level clinics, because I think it's a good idea to invite everyone regardless of skill level. Also, those 5 clinics could overlap quite a bit-cruisers will eventually try short turns, short turners will want to go into the moguls, etc. I think those 5 clinics summarize the progression of advanced skiers as they develop into true experts.

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I think the first cut should be by level. Put the 4/5 together, the 6/7 and the 8/9. Then you can cut it by the topics you have.

It'd be a shame to have a "steeps" topic with a Level 6 skier and a Level 9 - they'd expect different things and expect to ski different trails.

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I tend to think Bob B's concept for the workshop might be the best. Rather than splitting the group into specialized areas of interest (moguls, carving, steeps, etc.), divide into workable-sized teams (say, 6 or so) by general ski ability. Each group would stay with the same coach (assuming compatibility).

After a preliminary outline of the overall goals of the workshop (applicable to all participants), each group would then spend several days learning (and/or reinforcing) the SAME FOUNDATIONS OF ALL GOOD SKIING (clearly defined and clarified in terms of approach in preliminary meetings among the group leaders to ensure consistency). The goal would be to allow particpants to then see how those foundations lend themselves to skiing varied terrain and fostering continued improvement in comfort level regardless of ability level.

The terrain skiied would differ according to the ability of each group, but the foundations would be the same for all. Discussions in the evening could focus on how (or, indeed whether) the foundations being taught, absorbed and applied ARE the same for all levels and conditions, analysis of video of partipants, equipment/tech talks, etc.

After the official camp ends, those who wished could then go explore nearby areas and apply what we've learned!

What do you think?
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I'm sorry guys, I don't know a lot about these Bear get togethers because I've never attended one. But just in reading the first entry I got to thinking shouldn't the point of the gathering be to meet new people and have fun skiing. I mean a large majority of Bears are either instructors or coaches, we go through enough clinics, testing, and teaching throughout the season. I had always thought these get togethers were to meet each other and just ski. Have a good time ya know. If all they are are clinics then I doubt you will ever catch me at one. Don't get me wrong I love learning as much as I can and I have to for my job. But there comes a time when ya just gotta ski man!

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CERA F, since you're new here, an explanation is in order: The "clinic" or "camp" is set for Jan 25 or 26 - Jan 29, or thereabouts, probably based at Solitude. The actual get-together involving free-skiing and socializing, is from Jan 30 to Feb 4. Instructors who volunteer, and folks like me who NEED AND CRAVE instruction, will just get there earlier to do our thing. If you skip the "camp" but want to join in the get-together, see you on Jan 30. If I have stated anything here in error, would those who know better please help me out wit correction.
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large majority of Bears are either instructors or coaches
I don't believe that's true.
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Well I probably am wrong about the instuctor/coach thing but it sure seems, from the posts, that a lot of members are. And thanks Oboe for clearing the clinic/get-together thing up for me.

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I sorry I ignored this poll for so long but I was traveling and didn't have a computer.

Anyway, to repond to everyone, I agree with everything everyone said, except that most Bears are not instructors.

The reason I described the clinics in the poll by focus or terrain was that I think people pretty accurately describe WHAT they want to learn and WHERE they want to ski, but they often overestimate their own ability. I agree it's disappointing to be in a clinic that is slowed down by someone without the ability to participate fully, and at least for the highest level clinics, everyone should expect to be asked to choose another clinic if they can't keep up.

So far there are 22 replies to the poll. I was a little surprised that the largest number (6) were interested in Carving and Cruising, and only 1 was interested in telemark in the first poll. If 22 people show up, I think the best way to organise the clinics is to ski together with 4 instructors, and allow people to choose their own group based on where they feel they fit in. If the group is larger than 30 or so, we could begin with two groups, the first would be just those who are sure they want to stay on the groomed, and th e second would be those who want to explore more of the mountain. Also,I hope we can offer lower level clinics to anyone who shows an interest.
Does anybody have a better idea?
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Oboe; Solitude eh? It's got everything from cruisers to the high hairy scaries. Great on a pow day; everyone goes to Little Cottonwood. I was there last month and there was a rumour about a new lift in Honeycomb Canyon. Forgive me if this is obvious, but what makes clinics great is the instructors intimate knowledge of the mountain, as in the clinic with Ydnar at DV last spring. We have people from Solitude to lead? My knowledge of that (excellent) mountain is superficial, but I know how to get lost in the woods. We've got some real Alta hands here though, and it would be a blast to take turns guiding the bears around to some of our favorite pitches; no instruction,(from me anyway, beyond point 'em down) just freeskiing. I have yet to ski mineral basin in anything but corn, but it's a really pretty awesome place, so an Alta-Bird day would be fabulous...as to the clinics, I voted off-piste first 'cause that's what we do best here,terrain wise, but cruis'in and carving second 'cause that's the foundation that makes it all work up there..can't polish that enough..with a little luck we'll get dumped on and all the Easterners will spin around like tops...

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I just spoke this weekend with Leif Grevle, Solitude Ski School Director, about the Epic Academy. I asked him about the possibility of running it here with Solitude's blessing. His response was that he wouldn't/couldn't immediately say yes or no and would like to learn more about what is planned. I think he would like to know that the "curriculum" is reasonable and the instructors competent. If one of the organizers or instructors would like to contact him in this regard, please PM me and I will send you his email.
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Si, unless you already have done this, I would advise talking to someone higher up on the Solitude ladder.
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...ughh, hey John (& anyone)...
If anyone would be in the mood...Providing that
we find a creek or two...if anyone wants flycasting
lessons....let me know!.. I can bring THE single
rod/reel/line/flies??(Will Steve get arrested?...etc.

*Flycasting ain't a serious topic for an Invasion_Clinic!...but while we're in nice territory...my casting/teaching skills Are of the
professional level...so if anyone needs help!
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I have spoken to Gary DeSeelhorst (owner-president), David DeSeelhorst (vice-president), and Mike Goar (director of mountain operations) a couple of times to let them know this might be happening and to try to get them excited about this. They will rely on Leif for this decision.
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Good job, Si.
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