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E-mails to members?

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Is there any way to directly e-mail a member? On the old forums, you used to click the username and if they had enabled it there was an option "Send e-mail to XZY".

Now when I go to a users profile all I see is send a PM.
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Most users have PM's sent right to their e-mail. For example, if XZC sends me a PM, that will forward to my e-mail.
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full PM text or just the notification?
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 My notifications include the full text of the PM.  To reply you click on the Reply button in the email which takes you to epic and to the PM interface.
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I get the entire PM
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Thanks guys, never really realized that. i would just see the email subject and head here to read it!
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You can even reply to it from your received email notification...

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We had a problem with spammers creating an account and using the PM messaging system to spam members without it showing up in the forum, and moderators could not stop it. So we removed that permission for brand new members.  After a few posts, PM capability is obtained, and the number of members that can be copied increases along with your reputation (tenure and posts).   We actually implemented restrictions like this back in the vBulletin days. 
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