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Plug Boots

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Be careful about going with bigger size and foaming them. If the foam get's too thick it can collapse / deteorate after 1-2 seasons. Happened to me once, suddenly after two seasons of skiing, hollow spots started to appear in liners and got bigger and bigger...
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Plug Boots

Ok I need some help, I am currently going threw a pair of salomon course boots on the average of a year or less, and I need something mcu stiffer, than my foamed course boots. I wear a size 27.5 in the normal course model.

I am getting a pair of Salomons Course XP Plug boots, and plan on foaming them too, I know that they need a ton of boot work, inorder to ski them, some thing that I am not afraid of dooing, and I have all of the proper tools on hand, Grinder, Dremel, Heet Gun, boot spreader, etc. So that isnt a problem. What I am worried about, is that the course boot is a lot narrower, and since it has thicker plastic uses a thinner liner, since I am not racing, but skiing hard everyday instead and shooting pics, should I go a have size bigger and get the 28 and then foam em???

Please help I have to put the order in this week.
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