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Need Bindings

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I just ordered the 4Frnt MSP ski and i am looking to get some bindings that are not too pricey (<250).

Info for the MSPs:
[171cm] 114 / 87 / 105mm;
[175cm] 3lb 11oz (1678g)
Recommended Use: All-mountain, park and pipe, powder skiing
Top Sheet: Sandwich laminate
Core Material: MEGAblock wood
Turn Radius: 25m

My info:
5'9" 135 pounds
I ski 50/50, a little park, east coast/some utah/some french alps

any help is greatly appreciated
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should i get the

Look PX 12 Lifter WB Ski Binding for 99.99 on www.steepandcheap.com ?

DIN Range:
Recommended Skier Weight:
170lb (77kg) & up
Brake Width:
[Pair] 5.8lb 92631g)
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They are great bindings. I have had any pairs of those and love'm. I would jump on it.
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