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Katanas Size?????

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I'm a 53 year old male looking to get a pair of Volkl Katanas.
I'm 6'-4" 225 LBS.
I've skied my whole life and live in Washington State.
I love back country and am looking for a powder ski.
Would 195's be too long for me?
I'm wondering what length to get?
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I ski the Katana in 183. I'm 6'2", 220# and length works fine in all conditions. I skied both 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 ski last winter. Different skis but length was fine in both. 2009-2010 has more reverse camber than 2008-2009 so it skis diferently.
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I am 6'2" and 225 and i ride the Katana's in a 190.  i have last years 183 and ski about the same length as a 177 Mantra.  Go with the 190's, for our size and weight they are perfect.
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I'm a female,  5'9" and 160 and ski the 183's. You should definitely get at least the 190's and I wouldn't really hesitate to do the 197's if I were you. They definitely ski short. My 183's feel really comparable to my 177 Mantra's, and since you want them to be a powder ski (good choice!) why not go longer? I live and ski in Washington as well, and I think that the extra lift is awesome for the heavy snow we sometimes get.
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