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Too short a Goat?

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Hi all,

I'm a level 6 skier 5'11" 225# and I got a great deal on some 08/09 Gotama's. I got them in 176cm because I'm pretty sure they are a ski above my current ability. I'm hoping to grow into them. Good idea going small or am I nuts? I've read a lot of the posts here and they all say to go long, but I think that is for skiers that are more advanced then I am.

I'm used to 170cm Fischer RX8's in the east, but I am in CO now and wanted a ski to bring out on powder days that I will be able to ride all over the mountain once the pow is chewed up.

I just had to get em because the price was right at a little shop 100 miles from home so if they are the wrong skis returning or selling them might be tough.

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Too short?.....................Yes
Good Idea?....................No
Ill advised?....................Yes
Great deal?...................On the wrong thing.

Can't take 'em back?......Then why ask after the fact? They're yours.

You got a very good ski in the wrong size but it will still be better than what you have for the purpose you intend.

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 I would tend to agree that you would be better off with a longer length.  They are a very popular ski and if your deal was good you might be able to sell them with no loss. 
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If you lost 75lbs then we are talking. Buy my 191 P4s.
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I agree with the gang; too short.  I'm 6' and 215# and started on 183's two years ago.  After skiing the 2010 mildly rockered version last spring I decided to buy the 2009 (the "day/night" graffic) as a replacement but I went 190.  I don't think you will have trouble selling yours if you choose to do so.  I've seen last year's version on the net for about $450.  Hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

If you lost 75lbs then we are talking. Buy my 191 P4s.

Well there is some motivation to loose weight!

Thanks for the advice everyone, I threw them up on Craigslist, now I just hope I can find some 183's
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I've got them in that length, no complaints, though I weigh 170 or so. And I turn a lot.
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 I also ski them in the 176 and love them, but I only weigh 165.  I could pretty easily ski the goat in the 183 or the 190.
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I'm 5'9" and 170. I was skiing on 195s in high school when I weighed 110.   I might buy a goat in a 176 for $150 with bindings. That is until I just picked up some Elan powder boards in a 192 with bindings for about that price (used though not new).  Price is a very relative thing indeed.  Gotamas are highly desired skis these days.

However, I found that skiing on shorter skis actually helped develop my confidence when I was newer to the sport.  I honestly don't think you made a horrible choice, especially for an intermediate/advanced skier in crud.  Just tell folks you use them in tight trees if your self conscious about it.  I wouldn't be.  ,But, keep looking for a deal on something more appropriate for your size.  Don't go shorter than 190 on your next powder ski purchase. FWIW, used Gotamas in a 176 still fetch a heafty price on eBay these days. 
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I am 6' 2" and 235 pound level 7 skier that wants to learn to ski trees.  As the number of days per year that I have to ski is limited right now to 10 to 15, I was looking at a  pair of 177s thinking they would be easier, and because the last shop I was in suggested them in that length.  What length would you suggest for me?

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