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Lowe Alpine

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It seems that Sierra Trading Post always has a lot of steeply discounted outerwear from Lowe Alpine, but I never see it anywhere else.  Does anyone have any experience with this brand?  Is it good stuff?

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Places like STP primarily sell closeouts. Lowe is a fairly small brand relative to some; hence Lowe probably doesn't have enough closeout stuff to spread the goods around to several large outlets. I'd guess that they broker most their stuff to STP in a sort of "take all" deal.

I owned a Lowe backpack once and thought it was good gear but I can't speak to the clothing.

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I have a number of items from Lowe Alpine and they have consistently good to excellent quality stuff. My biggest complaint is that if there is a direction to go as far as convenience or minimalist they invaribly go for minimalist, as in less/smaller pockets than I think would be ideally functional. They also have a prediliction for using what is commonly thought of as womens zippers( backwards to guys) in all the mens shells, doesn't bother me, but seems to drive some guys nuts. If you are thinking of getting something from STP and have questions, call them up(STP), I've gotten good info and recommendations from their staff that have helped me weed out some things I might have bought from the limited descriptions on the website but were missing things I considered necessary.
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