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Does boot stiffness vary with size?

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Do larger sizes of the same boot have stiffer flex to compensate for the (presumably) larger skier who buys them? 

For example, if I buy a boot in size 30.5, are those stiffer than the same boot in size 26.5?

A quick web search turned up nothing on that question.

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I can not answer for every make and model. However I noticed a very big difference between my 26.5 Lange Fluid 120s and a friends 29.5 Lange Fluid 120s of the same year. We observed the larger size was so much stiffer it seemed like a different flex completely.
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I wonder if that is because the larger size needed to be buckled tighter (on the same leg) so more plastic was overlaping in the front, so the boot would be stiffer.

also the foot position is different (wrong) in a boot too big, so your point of leverage is in the wrong spot

A larger boot will be taller (but still proportional to the leg length) so a  taller boot (30) , on a shorter leg (26) will make the boot harder to flex.

So boots all SHOULD be the same flex, in all the flexes, but you might have more problem flexing the wrong size.
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I know it's definitely true for jr race boots -- Lange in particular.
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I'm sure mtlion has seen a lot more boots that I have, so I'm encouraged that his observations match mine from a smaller sample.

I've worked with groups of kids of very similar size (height & weight) with bigger differences in foot sizes, and corresponding differences in boot sizes.  Nothing I've seen would indicate an intrinsic difference in stiffness due to the size of the boot  (Langes included).

Having said that, every boot has simple adjustments with buckles & power straps that can change the working flex to better suit the skier.  The overall quality of the fit (see factors mentioned by mtlion) will influence how successful simple buckle adjustments will be in optimizing flex.  

Given what you can do with buckles & power straps, this also means that kids who haven't spent some time getting their buckles done up optimally may have created flex problems for themselves.  This can be too stiff or too soft.  

Chanwmr, I'm wondering what you saw as an indication that different sizes had different flex, and following the OP, stiffer flex for larger boots?
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