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Are my skis too old?

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First time poster here.  Back in the good old days, I was a dedicated skier and competitive racer.  I have not skied since winter 1999, sheesh 10 years!  I would have considered myself an expert at that time.  No doubt, I've lost some skills!!

My skis are race stock Fischer SL Supers that I got maybe in 1996/7...can't really remember.  They are the old school design, i.e. no serious side cut/carving design.

I'm moving back up north which will allow me to ski again!!!!  But, will my skiis still be good?  Will the 'pop' from the core be worn out???


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 Welcome to EpicSki!

To answer your question, your skis will not likely be worn out, unless you did something to them, in fact there are some here who ski on vintage gear........ but you should have the bindings checked, just to be safe.

On another thought process, at the risk of upsetting our friend Rossi Smash, you  will do yourself a big favor to get some good, properly fitted boots and demo some new(er) skis.  Trust me, you'll be all grins! 

**I'd be more concerned about the deterioration of the plastics in your 10 year old boots than the skis. 
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